Why doesn't my mom understand me?

I have been going through a lot of problems including mild depression and anxiety. Some days I'm up and some days I'm down. Anyhow, I try to talk to my mother about my problems and I always feel like it's a waste. She doesn't take my problems seriously. She thinks they are trivial (of little importance). Even my therapist said that she just doesn't understand me. It's at the point that I actually feel worse after talking to her than before. I just wanna know why my mother doesn't understand me.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Your mom probably doesn't seem to understand you because maybe you don't have that perfect "mother daughter relationship". But things don't have to be perfect. You should probably spend some more time with your mom. I kinda feel your pain though because my mom doesn't understand how I am either. And I love my mom, but to be honest we aren't that close. You should get to know her and she will get to know you. Maybe then you cann share feelings. I'm not a therapist but I hope this will help. Depression and anxiety can be hard things to deal with and make it seem like no one understands. Maybe she just doesn't understand how hard it is to deal with? My mom acts like this too. Well, I hope things work out for you. Good luck!

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    7 years ago

    i have the same problem but my mom thinks she understands me but she doesn't only at times she does.she thinks she listens but she doesn't and i don't know what to do about anything i feel all crumbled on the inside

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