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S O asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 7 years ago

Whats the difference between Benghazi and the 12 embassy attacks under Bush that resulted in 53 US deaths?


At least it's now very clear that Republicans don't give a dam about American casualties, unless they think they capitalize off of them politically.

Update 2:

Sophie - What warning? The calls to increase funding for embassy security, that the Republicans voted against and actually cut? So are you trying to blame Republicans, or even all party's here... or just Obama? What a joke.

Update 3:

Jo - We had 12 embassy attacks under Bush, resulting in 53 American deaths. Obama has had 1, resulting in 4 American deaths..... seems to me that there has been a pretty dramatic improvement. Wouldn't you agree? In fact the biggest difference seems to be that the Republican filth actually think they can capitalize politically off of this tragedy. Pathetic anti-American scum.

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    Of course it's obvious, the GOP deliberately defunded the security budget for the state department hoping that a weak and ineffective security posture overseas would embarrass Obama.

    Granted, the state department under Hillary made a calculated judgement to beef up security with what little security funding they had and they choose Tripoli instead of Benghazi, chances are the attack on Benghazi planners knew in advance that this target was weakly defended and made for a spectacular propaganda event for all who would use this debacle for political gain.

    Both the organization involved in perpetrating the attack and the GOP which has shamelessly used this travesty to constantly harangue Obama clearly ignoring the extenuating circumstances regarding the denied state department security funding designed to weaken and embarrass the appearance of whomever was in charge of the state department and the President in charge at the time.

    Clearly Bush's failures were excused because there was clearly no democrat that could conceivably be blamed for those security oversight failures at those embassy's.

    Not like 9/11 which the GOP constantly shirked responsibility for and ignored over 52 clear warnings and tried to blame Clinton for long after he was no longer in office and long after Clinton's administration had warned the incoming Bush regime about Al Qaeda long before any warnings starting streaming across Bush's desk unheeded and ignored until the neo-cons were convinced political gain was theirs for the political taking/exploitation by the senseless avoidable tragedy of 9/11.

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    • Kevin G5 years agoReport

      Congrats on being an absolute moron. The state department's budget was not cut by anyone. It simply increased slower than what Obama requested. The state department themselves even testified in the hearings that a lack of funding played no role in the decisions to not beef up security in Benghazi.

  • 3 years ago

    I am relatively sure there we're 12 US embassy assaults beneath Bush. I certainly not heard about any embassy attacks below Bush at all, and i am rather good told because I watch Fox information every day.

  • 7 years ago

    The difference is that the Republicans are hoping that people won't remember the twelve embassy attacks under Bush. In addition, to the warnings Bush had about terrorists planing to attack our infrastructures and did nothing.

    McCain sounds more bitter as time goes on because this issue has been investigated and the military leaders gave a detailed account of why they chose not to intervene but McCain has ignored this altogether.

    The fact that McCain has attacked his close friends who supported him during his presidential campaign simply because they are Obama supporter speaks volumes about his character.

  • 7 years ago

    I find it quite intriguing that the ornery Congressional Republicans who claim they want "the facts" about Benghazi are not focused more on their Republican General Petraeus, who was the Director of the CIA and in charge of the CIA outpost, a.k.a., Benghazi Consulate that was attacked. Maybe if Petraeus had not been so preoccupied with dipping his "pen" in Broadwell's "ink," he might have paid more attention to protecting the Consulate that was under his control.

    The only reason Benghazi is being targeted by the militant rightwing extremists...a.k.a., Republicans in Congress is an election-year hangover that had them trying desperately to discredit President Obama on foreign policy issues in time to influence the outcome (they hoped) of the elections. Didn't work, though. And doofus-nutjob McCain even skipped the private briefing given by our security team so that he could grand-stand for the TV cameras attacking UN Ambassador Susan Rice for using the script give to her by Petraeus.

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  • 7 years ago

    All of them were bad, but they hate obama and feel he gets way too much love from the media. Anything too bring him down will do. Republicans like too beat their candidate by making them lower than them, instead of rising above them.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Well the 12 embassy attacks under Bush not one of the embassies was breached because the proper security was in place. Those deaths you talk about we're the people attacking the embassy.unlike in Banghazi that had asked time and time again for extra security and they didn't get anything. Therefor the consulate was over run resulting in the loss of four Americans. One of them being the ambassador. The last time an ambassador was killed was under the Carter Administration

  • 6 years ago

    Seriously? You picked THAT response as the best one? God help us all with most of the misinformed crap on this thread.

  • 7 years ago

    Don't you know that the Benghazi thing is the biggest travesty to happen to Americans since 9/11 according to republicans? Yes, that's what they actually said. Tornadoes? War? Hurricanes? Shootings? Nope, the 4 people in Benghazi.

  • Mark F
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    7 years ago

    Wow, it is amazing that people still believe some of the batsh!t crazy conspiracy theories about Benghazi. Of course I suspect these are the same people who still think President Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim who secretly aids terrorists and hates America.

    These people are best avoided.

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