What is the date Robert Fulton invented the steam boat?

I have a history portfolio due, I have to make a time line. I have the rest of the information, I just need this and im good. :)

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    Here is the information about Clermont, the pioneer of practical steamboats.

    Source(s): http://inventors.about.com/od/cstartinventions/a/C... William Symington of England together with P. Müler built a paddle wheel steam boat in 1788. Symington's later designs inspired Fulton. http://collections.si.edu/search/results.htm?q=rec...
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    We have no idea when Fulton first started out to think of creating a steamboat. But we've got his possess words for pronouncing that in 1802 he started out "experiments with the intention to become aware of the ideas on which boats or vessels should be propelled through the water with the aid of the vigour of steam engines." Fulton didn't undertake to make a positive steamboat with out understanding of the failures of Fitch, Stevens, Symington, and others; and with out figuring out that after so many disasters, men who still idea a sensible steamboat could be built have been regarded upon as madmen. But it has ever been so. The guys who win popularity and fortune do what other folks say are not able to be finished. Fulton realized all he would from the mistakes and failures of others. To make sure that he was correct before he went ahead, he did what used to be nonetheless extra fundamental, he made experiment after experiment.

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