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Funeral traditions for the British Royal Family Members?(including the Kings, Queens, Dukes, Dutchesses etc.)?

What are some of the funeral traditions for the deaths and funerals of the Royal family in England? All information you have will help! Thanks!

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    Queen Elizabeth the Queen mom replaced right into a Queen Consort, not a Queen Regnant. it quite is, she replaced into the spouse of the reigning monarch, King George VI. A Queen Regnant is individual who inherits the throne in her very own good, and we've in simple terms had 2 of those observed as Elizabeth so some distance. George VI did not abdicate in 1940. His older brother, Edward VIII, abdicated in 1936 with a view to marry Wallis Simpson. George VI reigned until his dying in 1952. He did not discover being King fairly common,and little doubt he chanced on the help of his spouse an incredible convenience to him.

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    Rico's answer is pretty spot on, although a couple notes: while Her Majesty does have 4 granddaughters, only 2 (the daughters of the Duke of York) are styled as Princesses; Princess Anne's children have no royal styling at all, and the Earl of Wessex's children are styled as the children of an Earl, not of a Prince (whether they could be called Prince or Princess at some point is debatable).

    If there were to be a Vigil of the Princes at the funeral of Her Majesty or the Duke of Edinburgh it would have to be either multi-generational or multi-gender. They have three sons who are Princes and two grandsons, one daughter and two granddaughters who are princesses. Thus it would have to have some combination of sons, daughter, grandsons, and granddaughters to meet the required 4. Or else be expanded to include the Queen's royal cousins.

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    The sitte below provides some information. You can also google individual funerals and see how they compare with one another.

    For example, if you google "Queen Victoria"with "funeral,"you'll come up with several sites and also pictures.

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    they always die first,bit like the rest of us.but costs more

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