Moving to Boston...looking for houses? RENTING?

My husband and I are moving to Boston in the summer...(transferring with the military so we don't have a choice). We're both very excited...I'll be working in Boston (downtown along the waterfront) and he will be working in Portsmouth, NH. I'm looking at living in a city in between those two. I've looked in Beverly, Salem, Peabody, Billerica, Revere, Marblehead, Wilmington, Tewksbury, Belmont, Gloucester, Rockport and Waltham. I've been able to find quite a few owner-owned homes, but I was wondering if there are any company-owned homes. If that makes any sense.

Right now I live in a townhome community, mixed with some apartments, but it's owned by a company in a community setting (community pool, dock, pond, etc...). I was hoping to find something along those lines that may be more new than old. We currently have granite countertops with new appliances...I understand New England is older but I was hoping to find a community that may be more new. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great! I've already looked at Zillow and Craigslist and it seems only apartments are advertised and we're very much looking for a townhome/single family home.

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    I have lived in the west and the south and I know all about the complexes you are referring to. Sadly, there are little to none of these in Massachusetts or any of New England really. It's very hard to find an apartment complex because most people rent what is called a 3 decker, which is a 3 story home and each story is it's own apartment. It's almost impossible to find anything here with amenities such as a community pool or gym. And most of the apartments are not updated with granite like you have now, most 3 deckers were built in the early 1900's and have been updated between 1970-2000. But the upside is there are architectural gems- arched doorways, REAL wood floors, large floor plans, they really knew how to build it back then.

    All the towns you suggested are good, expensive, be prepared to pay about $1,000/mo for a 2 bedroom - if the military is paying this is probably not important to you but just be aware that you will get so much less here than you get in someplace like Texas or Florida.

    Source(s): lived in MA for 25 ys, lived in AL for 1 yr, lived in AZ for 3 yrs
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    Personally I would rule out Billerica revere and Salem. All of the rest would be solid choices I grew up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts my entire life leading up to college and it is a great town that is roughly equidistant from both Boston and Portsmouth. Two or Three years ago Money Magazine listed Chelmsford as the 28th best place to live in America and I can vouch that it is great. Check it out. Good luck with the move!

    Source(s): Chelmsford Resident the first 18 years of my life.
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    There are some condo townhouse communities where the private owner will rent out their unit. You would still get the benefits of the community. Townhouse communities that are entirely rentals are not very common in the area.

    For townhouses and house rentals, check It's a real estate site that also lists rental homes.

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