How can I tell if my holographic sight is real?

I recently bought a "EoTech 511" (or an EoTech 551, I don't know.) From my friend for use in airsoft. He bought it on Ebay. It has the L3 EOTech trademark on the battery cover-thing. And on the side it says "FOR LAW ENFORCMENT/MILITARY USE" and it has a laser caution sticker. It has the brightness buttons and an NV button. I'm only questioning it's legitimacy because he got it on EBay.


I bought it for use in airsoft. The product name didn't say anything about airsoft.

Update 2:

And it was purchased used.

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  • 8 years ago
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    based on the info you provided it appears that it would be real. my friend has one and it has similar specs. for airsoft use you really dont have to get that serious with it ya know. def other quality stuff other there for better prices.

  • 8 years ago

    A real EOtech is going to cost well over $400. Anything under $300 it is a knockoff. And that's the starting price. Legit ones not only cost a lot but they do NOT turn green. Also the screen housing is detached, that is to say they outer shell of the metal usually has a gap between it and the recticle housing.

    Still though it's hard to say. But if it's for airsoft it's not real.

  • REXS
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    8 years ago

    A real EOTech has a flat clear piece of glass with a hologram in it for the optical window.

    If the glass in the optical window is curved and/or shaded its a cheap red dot sight faked up to look like an EOTech.

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