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K C asked in 社會及文化語言 · 8 years ago


First come first served.

come 是原形或是 past participle?

served 是 past tense 或 past participle?

Why 這樣用?

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  • 8 years ago
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    現在式(Present Tense):come

    過去式(Past Tense):came

    過去分詞(Past Participle):come








    come (third-person singular simple present comes, present participle coming, simple past came, past participle come or comen (archaic))


    serve (third-person singular simple present serves, present participle serving, simple past and past participle served)



    如果come是原形simple present(present indicative ).不管served 是 past tense 或 past participle. 你想想字面是什麼意思?

    come (現在來),served(過去已經服務/招待/得到了).


    所以在我看來.come不是原形.而是 past participle



    基於假定了前面come是past participle. 我認為served也是past participle.

    但不知是否對錯. 如果真是past participle.有人能說明一下為何也是past participle而非 Preterite ?

    2013-02-11 21:53:34 補充:

    Why 這樣用?

    The phrase is often but erroneously stated as "first come, first serve" (instead of "served").

    2013-02-11 21:54:10 補充:

    This is an error because "come" is grammatically functioning as a past participle, as it does in the sentence, "They have come." The phrase abbreviates the sentence "The first to have come is the first to be served."

  • 8 years ago

    Thank you very much!

  • 8 years ago

    First come first served is just the short form of saying

    Whoever comes first will be served first.

    orIf you come first, you shall be served first.

    Why 這樣用? 因為簡潔,尤其用在告示。

    所以 come 是原形,served 是 past participle。

    2013-02-14 08:55:06 補充:





    你都可以簡化成 。。。。先到先得。

  • 8 years ago


    首先我認為後面個served係指being served。係一個被動形式passive voice。

    呢句句子可以咁表達:The one come first will be served first.

    以上句子入面的come first係定語(形容主語的,你可以暫時當佢係形容詞),而定語一般會用past participle of a verb去表示。就好似frozen food一樣。不過frozen係前置定語,呢到come first就係後置(英文定語多過一個字一般都後置)

    所以我認為come係past participle,因為佢係定語。

    另外served都系past participle,因為佢係被動形式。

    P.S. First come first served.呢類型的句子是錯grammar的,或者應該說不受語法限制。你可以見到成句句子都無verb的。而一句無verb的句子係唔岩grammar的,是斷句。類似ge例子有成日見到的Buy one get one free(買一送一)。呢句都係錯grammar的。因為有兩個verb,係run-on。正確寫法係If you buy one, you can get one free.不過呢類slogen係不受語法規限的。

    Source(s): w
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  • 8 years ago

    "First to come, first to be served"

    "come" is in its "root" form, as part of an infinitive.

    "served" is in tis "past participle" form, as part of the a passive infinitive.

    2013-02-13 15:40:54 補充:

    correction to above:

    "served" is in its "past participle" form, as part of a passive infinitive.

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    “First come, first served.”

    This phrase is used for saying that if you arrive before other people you will be served or dealt with before them

    Rephrase it:-

    “First come, first served.” = Those who come first are the first to be served.

    “come” ~ present simple, not past participle (in active voice)

    “served” ~ past participle (in passive voice)


    The tickets will be given on a first come, first served basis.

    Source(s): Macmillan Dictionary
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