Why does the media hide this list of liberals who voted to invade Iraq?

Liberals pretend that Bush alone invaded Iraq, but actually, Bush was PUSHED by liberals to invade. Why does the media hide this fact? And instead of being punished by their party for supporting the war, many of these liberal Democrats got PROMOTED - lol!

Liberals: how can you possibly blame Bush for a war YOU helped start?

Joe Biden - Dem Vice President, Dem presidential candidate, Dem Senator from Delaware

Hillary Clinton - Dem First Lady, Dem Senator from New York, Dem presidential candidate, Dem Secretary of State

Harry Reid - Dem Senate majority leader; Dem Senator from Nevada

Henry Waxman - Dem rep from California, Dem house energy chairman, considered one of the most liberal house members

John Kerry - Dem Senator from Massachusetts, Dem presidential nominee, Dem Secretary of State

John Edwards - Dem vice-presidential nominee, Dem Senator from North Carolina, Dem presidential candidate

Richard Gephardt - Dem House majority and minority leader, Dem presidential candidate, Dem house rep from Missouri

Steny Hoyer - Dem House majority leader, Dem house minority whip, Dem house rep from Maryland

Charles "Chuck" Schumer - Dem Senator from New York, Dem policy committee and Senate rules committee chairman

Joe Lieberman - Dem Senator from Connecticut, Dem vice-presidential nominee

Charles "Buddy" Roemer - Dem governor of Louisiana

Carolyn Maloney - House rep from New York, prominent gun control activist

John Murtha - Dem rep from Pennsylvania, Dem house defense appropriations committee chair

Steve Israel - Dem house from New York, Dem congressional campaign committee chair

Tom Daschle - Dem Senate majority leader, Dem Senator from South Dakota, Dem nominee for HHS Secretary

Max Baucus - Dem Senate finance committee chairman, Dem Senator from Montana

Rod Blagojevich - Dem house rep from Illinois, Dem governor of Illinois

Dianne Feinstein - Dem Senate intelligence committee chair, Dem Senator from California, gun control sponsor

Isaac "Ike" Skelton - Dem house rep from Missouri, Dem house armed services committee chair

Chris Dodd - Dem Senator from Connecticut; author of Dodd-Frank financial reform bill

Byron Dorgan - Dem Senator from North Dakota, chairman of the Democratic Policy Committee

Maria Cantwell - Dem Senator from Washington, Dem chair of Senate committee on Indian affairs

Chuck Hagel - Nominee for Dem Secretary of Defense, Senator from Nebraska

Tom Harkin - Dem Senator from Iowa, Dem Senate health/education/labor chairman

Ernest "Fritz" Hollings - Dem Senator from South Carolina, Dem governor of South Carolina

Mary Landrieu - Dem Senator from Louisiana, Dem Senate small business committee chair

Jay Rockefeller - Dem Senator from West Virginia, Senate INTELLIGENCE (lol!) committee chair

Ben Nelson - Dem Senator from Nebraska, Dem governor of Nebraska

Bill Nelson - Dem Senator from Florida, Dem insurance commissioner

Zell Miller - Dem Senator from Georgia, Dem governor of Georgia

Blanche Lincoln - Dem Senator from Arkansas, Dem Senate agriculture committee chair

Herbert "Herb" Kohl - Dem Senator from Wisconsin, Dem Senate chairman on aging

Wow, look at all those liberal Democrats who shoved Bush into war! How do you libs explain this?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Many of them have felt harmful repercussions. For example, the only reason Hillary isn't president today is her support of the Iraq war. Joe Lieberman was defeated in the democratic primary, and had to run as an independent. He won re-election on the votes of republicans, who's party didn't even offer a challenger of their own.

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  • Jacara
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Your listing a very small group of people and their current jobs. Also what about the 400+ Republicans that were pushing for it? Or how about the fact that the GOP had complete control over all branches of the Government at the time?

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  • Erika
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Bush lied to Congress by witholding opposite info, and the widely used public replaced into as quickly as already whipped right into a frenzy. the individuals on your checklist have been railroaded not the alternative course around.

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  • 7 years ago

    They obviously didn't if someone like YOU could find it. And....SO?? They all voted for it because they were LIED to with false intelligence from the Bush administration saying he had WMDs that didn't exist.

    "Bush was PUSHED by liberals to invade."

    No offense, but if you really BELIEVE that, you're one of the biggest idiots on here. And, that's saying something

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  • "shoved Bush into war" -- what a crock, you lying POS. Bush LIED to the Senate about the evidence, said they had to have their support before he went to the UN, and would come back to them with more evidence. He didn't do that.

    You're a LYING POS.

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  • Rikard
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    The Israeli lobby spends a lot of money on Senators and Congressmen to get them to support war against Arabs.


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  • 7 years ago

    You forgot to include they were lied to about WMD's that resulted in a CIA operative being ferreted out. Boy, you republicans have short memories.

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  • Gary F
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    They are all cowards who caved to political pressure rather that stop Bush and the neocon nitwits from fcking everything up.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It's all Fox News. Those Liberal loving media folks there just aren't fair.

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  • Bree
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    they were lied to by bush and his people about weapons of mass destruction that was not there. evil republican cornballs.

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