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Valentine's poem for Jack and Jill ...?

Will Jack ever have his Jill ?

If he swept away the cloud's

Stopped all the rain

Kissed her like the sun

Hugged her like the waves

Healed her like a storm

On a cold winters night

And under the pine-wood

Down a grassy path

Would he tell his Jill

That there love would always last

He is weak from his love-less-ness .................. ( New Wordy )

His eye's are filled with loneliness

He feels only hopelessness

Will Jack ever have his happiness ?

Will he ever have his Jill ?

''Nope !

I guess he never will.


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    8 years ago
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    I honestly like this, Caz

    it is fun and it is good, and I say that honestly,

    but then my good meter is different than some others,

    to me, it is correct.

    and I have been jacked around enough to never mind and accept that I am one, not two combined,

    as my Jack or Jim or Jude or John is not available here or online

  • 8 years ago

    What an imaginative twist to an old nursery rhyme .... great fun, I love it Caz!

    Maybe it's Jill can't find her Jack

    because she's always looking back,

    back at things that might have been

    and Jack moved on to another friend?

    Takes two to miss

    and two to find

    just depends what each

    has in mind.

    Star crossed lovers they may be

    or just out of luck and destiny

    Jack and Jill may have lost their glory

    but they live on in their own sad story.

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