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Why would a utilitarian support the idea of informed consent?

In a clinical setting, not a research setting if that matters. Also, why would informed consent be appropriate according to the Kantian theory? Please help me out!

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) The idea that informing patients being the greater good for the greatest number of people is the only way a utilitarian could support the idea. It would be necessary that uniformed patients, practicing physician, or the public in general suffer or pay a higher price than when patients are uninformed, and that must occur in a higher percentage than when patients are informed in order to gain utilitarian support.

    You can expound on that.

    2) Kantian theory states that not all consequences justify the means; therefore, we can assess that consent to medical procedures may be a right that must be given in accordance to the categorical imperative ~ a universal right to choose or refuse medical treatment.

  • 8 years ago

    Knowledge offers possibility of higher pleasure. Ignorance may be a bliss, but it won't lead to true happiness, as defined by utilitarian theory.

    I don't quite understand why one would think otherwise.

    Source(s): The Greatest Happiness Principle
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