Help with sibling set names?

Hi. How are you? :)

I need help with two name sets. They are for different families. I am not pregnant either; these are for characters.


First set-

- Names of siblings: Alexander, Emma

- Nickname: Alex, Emma and ____.

I need a girl name to go with this name. She will either be the twin of Alex, or an older sister. I thought of Emily, but Emily and Emma, but the beginning of their names are too close. In addition, I thought of Meridith, but I'm not sure if I want to use that. Another name I considered was Sophelia, but there are a S names already. Thanks to someone for the suggestion of Meredith. :)


Second set-

- Names of sibling: Tobias

- Nickname: Toby

I need a girl name to go with this. I was thinking of using Wesley or maybe Talia, but I wasn't sure. I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions, please. The last name has two syllables.


I cannot use these names:

♦ Rose

♦ Evelyn

♦ Ariana

♦ Juliette

♦ Scarlett

♦ Victoria

♦ Katherine

♦ Anastasia

♦ Genevieve

♦ Names starting with Char

♦ Addy names... (Addison, Adelaide...)

♦ Ali nickname names (such as Allison...)

♦ Alex names (including Alexis, Lexie, names like that).

I would prefer not to use letters starting with A, E, J, L, V. Also, I love flower/nature names, but not all of them. I do also like names that aren't flower and nature.

Thank you! :)

- April

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    8 years ago
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    First set: Olivia

    Second set: Jasmine

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  • 8 years ago

    Talia is perfect for the second one.

    How about Zoë for the first one?

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