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Tips on getting deep waves?

Ok I'm Intreested in getting deep waves and I just started using pink moisturizer. How often should I brush my hair a day and also I wash my hair once a week.

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    The other two answers clearly do not know what you're talking about.

    I'm assuming you're a black guy. I'm a girl, so Idk about getting that, but I often see guys brushing their hair to keep the waves.

    I would try youtube, maybe a guy has a tutorial on it there... Sorry.

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    I have natural thick wavy hair. It doesn't matter how often you brush your hair a day really. I mean brushing your hair has nothing to do with it. Washing your hair once a week is too less. I suggest that you wash your hair every 2 days. There are conditioners that help create wave in your hair. One of them is herbal essences tousle me softly. It comes in a purple bottle and it helps create wave in your hair and tame down frizz. Okay so heres a method on getting waves in your hair without heat !!(:

    1. Start with freshly washed. your hair must be wet.

    2. Split your hair in 2 halves

    3. begin braiding one side and secure with a hair tie

    4. Braid the other side of your hair secure with a hair tie

    5. sleep with the braids in

    6. Wake up and take the hair ties out

    7. Deep waves ! Tah dah! Crimped/ wavy hair.

    8. Put mousse or hairspray in your hair to stop frizz

    Source(s): Me(:
  • I reccomend that you wash your hair more than once a week.. are you a guy?

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