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What are the best student credit cards that don't require credit?

I'm a college student that doesn't have any credit, and I'm having trouble finding a credit card that offers some kind of rewards, 0% introductory APR, and is not a secured credit card. Does such a thing exist? 10 points to anyone that can find me a student credit card with ALL these requirements.

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    I obviously can't guarantee that you will be approved, but I can tell you that such a card DOES exist (IF you're a full-time college student).

    Before you apply, you should be at least 18 years old and enrolled in college (and registered for classes). You should also have a savings (not just checking) account. Not only does having a savings account look better on the application, but you should get in the habit of paying yourself first!

    My daughter has a student Discover card – which fits all of your requirements - and loves it! If you use her referral link here: you can list things like grants, scholarships, and stipends under “other income”, along with any wages in the “yearly income” section. You'll also get $50 cashback bonus when you make your first purchase and you'll get cashback bonuses for everything that you purchase. I don't normally mention that there is an introductory interest free period. You get 0% for the first 9 months. The reason I don't usually mention it is that you don't want to get into the habit of carrying a balance. If you want to take advantage of the introductory offer, just make certain that you have the money to pay it off before the interest starts.

    There's no annual fee and the APR (annual percentage rate) is fairly good. It ranges from 12.99 to 19.99%, after the introductory period is over. But, it really doesn't matter how much the APR is if you pay your balance in full each month. As long as you pay in full, you'll never pay interest.

    If you use a credit card wisely, it can be a great tool. But, you can also ruin your credit, so whichever card you end up getting, just be certain to use it the right way. Use it for convenience (paying at the pump, making reservations online, etc.) and to build credit. Don't use it to buy something that you can't afford.

    Use it at least once a month for something that you need to buy anyway (gas, food, etc.). Set that money aside immediately so that you have the full amount when the statement arrives.

    Pay in full, but don't pay before the statement prints. If you pay before your cycle closes, then “zero” is going to be reported to the credit bureau as your usage, which won't help your credit score at all. Keep your utilization at, or below, 30% of your available credit to develop the best credit score. In other words, if you have a $500 limit on your card, you shouldn't have more than $150 in use when your cycle closes.

    Just don't let temptation to get to you!! It's too easy to spend money that you don't have. Be smart, and a credit card can be a wonderful tool, both to help build credit and for convenience.

    P.S. As I said *I* can't guarantee that you'll get approved, but I do know that it's not a requirement that you already have another credit card. I've known people who have gotten approved through them without prior credit. I think your chances are improved if you follow my suggestions though.

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    Don't want much, do you?

    The "best" card for anyone who isn't employed and has no credit rating is any card that you can get.

    All those rewards, 0% rates and not secured are offered to people that already have good credit and are proven to have earned all that.

    Of course - you are having trouble finding this. As there is no such thing.

    No credit card company is going to give an unemployed student with no credit history a card with all the bells and whistles.

    Best you are going to be able to do IS a secured card to try to build up a little credit rating and history. Then employment.

    Then maybe you can get the "good" cards.

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    Don't want much do you?

    Reward cards with 0% APR offers require good credit history. If you have no credit history, you wil likely need to start with a secured card. If you don't have a job, your probably won't even qualify for a secured card.

    The law that went into affect a couple years ago, requires that people under 21 provide proof of sufficient income to qualify for the card or have a parent co-sign. Most cards want to see at least 12 months of full time employment to go with that income.

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    sorry. You must go the secured card route, or go without. What you are asking for is only available to working adults with excellent credit.

    I suggest you stick to green cash, because the 0% introductory offer requirement makes me think you are going to run up a big debt and get into financial trouble.

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    Unfortunately, there are not many options until you build credit. You could use the secured credit option to build your credit and get there. You may be able to get yourself put on somebody else's card as an authorized user so you will have credit and then apply, but be careful that it is someone trustworthy and responsible if you go that route. Whatever you do make sure you use your credit cards responsibly as many young people fall into the trap of charge now and pay later and get themselves into debt.

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    There are none. Any credit card that does not require credit would not be called a "student" credit card. The phrase "student credit card" means a credit card that is only for students who have credit.

  • Rob
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    in USA u need to be 21+ with a proven

    income to get a "credit card".

    u can buy prepaid cards any where.

    u can learn as u read Total money make over,

    Dave Ramsey so u can save decades of hard life


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    If you are under 21, you won't get a credit card without a good job that guarantees you can pay your bills.

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    Well, in your case don't have more options than a secure credit card you may apply at

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