Life expectancy of bulimic after 35 years?

I am a 19 yr old girl. At the beginning of this year I was told that my mother has suffered from bulimia for about 35 years. No one in my family took it upon themselves to address it with her, and upon discovering her illness, I decided I wasn't going to enable the situation as everyone else had. Of course my intervention did not go over well and she continues to not seek help and now blames the disorder on me. (I realize this is a mental part of the disease and not mothers true thoughts) I know as a result of her bulimia that I suffer from many health problems from her bingeing and purging during pregnancy (ie. cardio issues, weakened immune system, bone density issues). I am extremely worried about the health issues that she might be facing. Am I going to lose my mom to this disease?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, you could lose her. The disease is simple to look up.

    But this is not a cancer question.

    I guess the computer or you could not guess where to send this question.

    It fits more in a general medical category.

    In 20 years as a cancer specialist doctor,

    I was never consulted for a bulimia case.

    Source(s): MD Medical Oncologist and Hematologist - a cancer and blood specialist doctor - with twenty years experience
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    Bulimia Life Expectancy

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    It is definitely possible you could lose your mother to this. It's really tricky with situations like these. You have to be extremely patient. Sit and talk with her and show her how scared you are for her and you want to see her healthy and happy. Ask if she would do counseling with you or by herself. Try getting trust worthy family members to side with you. Do not let her disorder control your life though. You must live your life. I wish you luck

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