Will Pan American Airways ever "resurrect"?

It is by far one of the most legendary, iconic airways of our society. Even if they started out small, how come they haven't made another debut? What ever happened to the pilots and flight attendants that lost their jobs instantly?

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    Let me share with you the interesting story of why Pan Am finally gave up.

    Sunday, March 27, 1977.

    2 747 passenger planes are on the way to Gran Canaria Airport. A little while before their arrival, a bomb explodes in the terminal. Many flights are rerouted temporarily to Tenerife Airport. KLM 4805 and Pan Am 1736 were two of them. Tenerife Airport was not built for these two giants plus the many other planes diverted along with them. Authorities searched for more bombs in Gran Canaria, so the airport remained closed. While the search for a second bomb continued, a terrifying fog appeared in Tenerife. Tenerife was in a bad situation with many large pasenger planes waiting to leave, a thick fog, and a final destination closed for many of the aircraft. The small airport only had a ramp area, a taxiway, and a runway. That forced the two 747s to both taxi on the runway at once. The airport also didnt have a ground radar, so it was up to only the air traffic controllers to communicate with the planes. Gran Canaria was now open so the KLM and Pan Am flights were both trying to take off. Pan Am had to taxi first though. Due to many misunderstandings, The KLM captain was taking off while Pan Am was still taxing on the runway. The planes collided. All 248 people on board the KLM flight were killed, and 335 of 396 were killed on board the Pan Am flight. Pan Am had a lot to pay for. They weren't very luck especially after being "resurrected" many times. The company really just had to give up. I don't think they will be coming back.

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    It wil NEVER resurrect - The name "might" be used -

    All it was has been lost - We were a class act -

    I was pilot with Pan American from NOV 1968 to DEC 1991 -

    Captain and instructor/check airman 707, 727, 747 -

    Based various times JFK, MIA and Berlin IGS -

    Most pilots went to work overseas - most in Asia - I went to Argentina -

    I continued as captain 747 with Aerolineas Argentinas, retired 2008 -

    In Argentina with me, another pilot and a flight engineer -

    I stay in Argentina, good retirement, health insurance, respected by people -

    Coming back to USA...? - Never -

    The government did not raise a finger to save their flag carrier -

    Personally, I lost a $337,000 retirement fund -

    Last 3 paychecks bounced -

    I declared bankruptcy chapter 11, then chapter 7 -

    Forced to sell my home - Girlfriend said goodbye -

    Got unemployed for 7 months -

    Played piano in a piano bar full of whores and gigolos in Hollywood -

    (all were aspiring "actors" and "actresses") -

    No salary, just tips and drinks, every night 8pm to 2am -

    Delta stole all they could after PanAm's bankruptcy -

    They hired some ex- first officers, but no captains (these were too experienced) -

    Delta offered me to be 727 flight engineer at $2,200/month (new hire pay) -

    I know of 4 pilots and a flight engineer who committed suicide -

    In rememberance of Pan Am and the Jet Clippers, DO NOT FLY DELTA -

    Edit @Alex -

    The KLM collision Los Rodeos had actually very little to do with PanAm fate -

    What actually contributed to the end -

    Deregularion - and the merge with a worst choice - National Airlines -

    Never getting domestic routes until merge with National -

    The US Government giving international routes to US domestic carriers -

    The US Government giving routes to foreign carriers if buying Boeings -

    The sale of the Pacific routes in 1986 to United -

    The end of Berlin IGS (Berlin) in 1989 - sold to Lufthansa, for peanuts -

    If one accident contributed to the end - was PA103 (Lockerbie) bombing -


    Source(s): Retired airline pilot - very bitter about 1991-1992 period - Wouldn't you be bitter to have lost your career job and all you had...? To the thumbs down... I wish you the same that happened to me -
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    They did, several times. Because they effectively had to start again from nothing, they never got big before they went out of business.

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    Sure they will the same day Packard and TWA return. Sometimes great names and great products simply fail. Usually because they forgot what brought them to the greatness.

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    yeah ! , about the same time obama becomes a real American president ;(

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    I don't remember.

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