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My birthday is coming up and i want a puppy?

i am going to turn 15 next month and im a responcible dog owner with my family dog we do everything for him and keep him happy but he sometimes gets sad so thats why i want a dog so it can teach me to be more responcible and my family dog is sometimes sad.i am responciple but they sometimes cant trust me but that happens to people all the is my reasons 1..i looked up the bread and reseached it (maltese). 2. my dog should have a friend. 3. i help my family dog and clean some parts of the house. 4. i can sell my ipad and my brother would sell his kindle fire so we can buy the puppy but my mom will not allow it but i think a actual dog is better then a dumb electronic. we have the money buy selling them but i dont know how to tell her i wanted a second dog ever since i was 10. my brother would love the dog to because he is willing to sell the kindle. the kindle is fine to sell but its the ipad my mom said it costed more money. i understand and i research everday since i was 13 and i know all about malteses actually not spoiled my dad and mom devorced and the best thing i got in the past 2 years was the ipad 2.i did alot of work for the past 6 months and my brother wants it to but my moms problem is if we dont walk it. i will before school after school dbefore dinner and before bed that is the same as i walk my family friend and i will train it thats how wrtrainned her dogs and my dog. it only took 3 days to potty train them all and about 2 months to tech then tricks and commands. i know its different for each dog on the level of trainning but we did 3 already. thank you for your anwsers and im sorry if this is so long.

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    you sound like a really good/responsible pet owner. i think you should tell your parents how responsible you are and explain why you want a puppy for your birthday and you just might get one.


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    You have some good reasons for wanting a dog and seem like you might be a good 'big sister' - but it's not enough. I say 'big sister' because your parents will be the owners of the dog, not you. At the end of the day, it is up to your parents to decide if they want a dog. The dog, like you, will be living under their roof and be benefitting from their income.

    Nowhere in you paragraph did you show that you could take the primary responsibility of the dog. You are 15, it is not fair, nor is a dog reason for you to get more responsible. You should work on your responsibility before getting a dog. This tells me you aren't really ready for a dog. You will go off to college soon, have you thought of what will happen to the dog then? Colleges don't let on-campus students have pets larger then a goldfish.

    The morale of my story: despite wanting a dog, the decision is not up to you. It's up to your parents, they are the ones you should be discussing this with.

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    How about foster care for a dog? You can work with your local animal shelter on a dog that best meets your needs and can play along with your dog. You set the timetable on duration of care for this dog and bring him back to the shelter or adopt him if all goes perfect. You can foster different dogs and that is free. The shelter can even provide free toys and food for that dog, just like what the government would do if you were to foster a child in providing food and medical care free of charge.

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    you dont need another dog

    Your dog isn't 'sad' becouse you can't have a second dog, its 'sad' becouse you dont spend enough time with it. Your mom doenst want another dog,. she will have to be the one who will be taking care of it and the other dog and paying all the food and vet bills.

    You go to school and won't have time for two dogs and your mom doenst want a second dog

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