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Is it safe for an Indian American guy to travel to Eastern Europe solo?

I am an American guy of Indian descent (look middle eastern)

would it be safe for me to travel to eastern europe solo?

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    You will be fine if you just follow safety rules like anyone else.

    I live in Hungary and know we have many people from Asians to middle eastern living and working here also coming as tourists.

    I gave directions just yesterday to a tiny little lady traveling alone from Taiwan.

    I did warn her to watch out for beggars and to keep on walking until she got to a better neighborhood.

    Just normal things for anyone to do no matter who they are.

    Never make change on the st. or walk alone at night in dark areas.

    My son was robbed in Sweden because he walked alone down a dark st. on his way back to his room.

    So any country can be dangerous if you are not smart and watch out for yourself.

    You will be fine although it is sometimes more fun to go with another person.

  • 7 years ago

    If you keep to the same personal safety measures you keep in the whole world, you will be safer that you will be in America.

    That goes for all of Europe, North, South, East and West.

    And it does not depend on your nationality and looks, just on the fact that Europe is pretty much more safe than the USA.

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    I think the only kind of confrontation you'll want to avoid is with elements of right wing orientation. Eastern Germany can be pretty bad for that. You'll recognize them though, they look quite typical. Just steer clear of them. Any other type of crime... you'd just laugh, European criminals have nothing on those in the US.

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    Eastern erope is generally safer than western europe, and certainly far far safer than America.

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    Europe is safe country with open-minded people unless you travel to desert places in East Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Kosovo etc.) which are generally quite dangerous..

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