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Is it a good idea to major in Math and minor in finance (possibly double minor in finance and economics)?

First of all, I love math. Especially the statistics part of it, which explains why I am majoring in it. After I am done with my education, I envision myself working in a place like a bank or something similar. I know it's possible to do that with only a math degree, but would minoring in finance (or double minoring in finance and economics) help me achieve this goal. I obviously plan to go to graduate school, but what I will study in grad school will be determined by the official career I chose to pursue later on in my undergraduate studies. I am currently in my second semester of school.

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    My thought is that you should major in finance rather than in math, if you wish to make a career in the financial industry. I too love math and majored in it in college. However, mathematics in itself doesn't carry a lot of weight when it comes to getting jobs. The statistics part is practical knowledge, yes, but the other parts of mathematics are mainly conceptual (abstract algebra, calculus, differential equations, etc.) Those have no bearing on a career in the finance industry.

    I still love math, and study various topics as I run across them. It turned out that I took some accounting classes as electives, and somehow I wound up making good money doing accounting for several small businesses ~ even though I never got a degree or certification of any kind.

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    it extremely is in basic terms what i think of: Minors instruct your activity, so particular a waste of time. A finance significant might by no skill % a math minor for something. And civil engineering has no longer something to do with finance.

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