Drone strikes . . .Guantanamo . . .torture . . .?

The United Nations government and it's crusade for world peace began over fifty years ago, after WWII, in America.Our world government was built for five decades brick by brick peacefully, patiently and democratically. Every member state of the general assembly and mighty Security Council constitute international treaty and writ of agreement.

Who are these Americans and their pathetic congress who question the police power of our global community of nations and the manner in which we use it? Would they prefer the barbaric violence of the Blitzkrieg raids, nuclear attacks, the Holocaust and the imperial Japanese army?

In our brave new world of today decades of rule by kings and queens, dictators and warlords, are ended first by international legislation, and second by the swift and decisive use of military force with minimal collateral damage.

Who are we, the peacemakers? Have we not been in America from day one? Who's insignia is on the sword? Hope you guess our name.

Raise your hand if you are a witness to the Third World War. All others . . .


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  • 8 years ago
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    The General Assembly of the United Nations has endorsed - or failed to condemn - torture, slavery, rape of children, sexual surgery on children without anesthesia, religiously-motivated murder, racially-motivated murder and murder of gays. The only time human rights abuses are condemned by the UN General Assembly are when Israel is alleged to have committed them. The UN General Assembly are the very last people we'd want to hand police power to, because they have demonstrated a total lack of a moral compass.

    The United Nations Security Council has one permanent member which is a Communist dictatorship and another permanent member which is backsliding away from democracy toward oligarchy. They don't look like great candidates for world moral leadership, either.

    Your criticism of the United States of America sounds noble and lofty until you closely examine the body of government you want it to surrender its police power to. Morally, the United Nations is a steaming morass of manure.

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    I just have one counter question:

    If YA didn't automatically put the question mark at the end of your head statement, would you have remembered to do so yourself?

    Is this a question or a rant. b/c frankly I feel it's neither, If you want to do this sort of thing PLEASE! go start your own blog!

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