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Ace of Spades Loading Crash Help?

So i just bought a Game Named "Ace of Spades" on the steam Shop.

When the Load [Bullets] Are done the game Crashes and i cant find a Answer to help me with it.

To contact faster add me on steam


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  • 7 years ago

    My only suggestion would be to Validate the Game Cache

    I played the original AOS when it was in Alpha. It was a free to play, very simple shooter and a blast to play. The graphics were not good by any means whatsoever, but the seemingly simple concept allowed for endless creativity and strategy. I tried the Steam version, and it just isn't as fun for me, it takes away a lot of the strategy of the original.

    You can still find the original build here, being run completely by fans --->

    Try it out if you're feeling bored. It isn't as pretty as Jagex's version,but I find it far more fun. Oh, and as another suggestion, try to track down some weapon skins from the forums. Nothing makes the game even more fun than scoping the rifle

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