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Honest opinion about sapphire engagement rings?

i'd like an honest opinion please do not hold back i'd really like to know,i love this ring its white gold with a cluster of diamonds with a sapphire its very beautiful and unique,something i would never have considered only the girl in the jewlers pointed it out i was going for the typical all diamond sparkly rings,anyway my question is do people automatically assume rings with coloured stones are cheap? it shouldn't bother me but it does and its a very very expensive ring,i just don't like the thought of people looking at my ring thnking its cheap?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I know what you are going through, I want a garnet vintage ring which costs even less but it is so unique, edgy, and gorgeous....and did I say vintage?? Anyways so I have been asking around and some of my friends have told me that yes people will think it's cheap but others have assured me that it is 2013 and times have changed, stones other than diamonds are completley acceptable and make you more unique (as we are) so if that is the beautiful ring that you want...go for it! It is the ring you will wear for the rest of your life anyways, you should be the one who loves it. Oh and just look at Kate Middleton...she has a sapphire ring. If someone is ever ignorant to say anything just say "Well my fiance said that while he was ring shopping for me he was inspired by Kate Middleton's sapphire ring since I am HIS princess" haha it'll get 'em every time! Congrats btw

  • Betty
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    8 years ago

    Short answer is yes. You can get a larger colored stone for the same money as a much smaller diamond. Cheaper or less expensive, yes. Prettier, not necessarily. I am just generalizing here, because there are very large colored stones that are quite expensive.

  • 4 years ago

    honestly sapphire engagement rings are far beautiful than diamonds.if we bought 2 carat diamond it cost will be $20000..but we can buy white sapphire 2 carat gemstone for $2000 or less than $2000.also white sapphire is the most hardest stone after diamonds .diamonds mohs score is 10.also sapphire mohs score is second hardest stone in sapphire engagement rings suitable for daily ware..

    also peach sapphire is soooo much beautiful ..also unique..if you find peach sapphire engagement ring or white sapphire engagement ring the best place is bought 2 carat white sapphire engagement ring for $1299..also it is hand made one. extremely beautiful..

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