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How can you get rid of lactic acid build up?

After I run for a while lactic acid starts to build up in my calves and it's really annoying and painful. What are some ways I can get rid of lactic acid?

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  • Connor
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    7 years ago

    There are none. The only thing that gets rid of that lactic acid build up is oxygen going in and taking it out. Only time will do that. Using those muscles or using a heating pad may help increase blood flow to those muscles and get that lactic acid out slightly fast but it's really just waiting it out.

    Now it sounds like you are not experiencing a lactic acid build up that causes soreness the day AFTER running. If you are getting pain while running it's not lactic acid at all (you would have to stop before you went that far above your lactic threshold). That is likely cramping and strained muscles.

    You need to fix that. You shouldn't have any pain while running.

    Make sure you do all stretching after runs. Never stretch before a run or after a hard run.

    Don't randomly sprint during your runs.

    Do not overtrain. Follow that 10% rule

    If you get aches and pains, take an extra rest day, don't keep pushing yourself through the pain, that will lead to more serious problems.


    Source(s): Pre Med and long distance runner
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  • Leslie
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    4 years ago

    Biofreeze. Get it at most drug stores. I'm a rower and my legs always feel sore because of the lactic acid buildup, and this feeling in your legs is just the feeling of your muscles working hard

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  • 7 years ago

    lactic aciditalianation is good! means ya mussels are growing

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