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1 2013年2月9日

February nineth,2013

2 前幾天拿到了年終獎金

In a few days ago,i got the prize of the year-end

3 雖然只有1.5個月


4 但畢竟我才到職6個月而已

After all,i to hold the post only six months

5 開會時,經理宣布年終獎金最高是6個月

In the meeting,the manager announce that highest prize is six months

6 我想有這資格的人,就只有課長吧






Update 2:


Update 3:


請問年終獎金可以為year-end prize嗎

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    英文日記英文日記1 2013年2月9日

    February nineth,2013 (February 9,2013)

    2 前幾天拿到了年終獎金

    I received a year-end bonus a few days ago.(the other day)

    3 雖然只有1.5個月

    Although there was only 1.5 months, I felt so happy.

    4 但畢竟我才到職6個月而已

    However, I have just taken office for six months.

    5 開會時,經理宣布年終獎金最高是6個月

    In the meeting,the manager announced that the highest year-end bonus is six months.

    6 我想有這資格的人,就只有課長吧

    I think only the section manager is qualified to get it.

    2013-02-10 12:41:48 補充:

    任職: take office

    年終獎金: a year-end bonus

    2013-02-19 13:12:08 補充:

    就我所知 end of year prizes / year- end prizes 是有關學校學期末頒發的各項傑出獎

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    9th=ninth, not nineth.

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    3, 4 and 5:

    My bonus is merely equivalent to one and half monthly salary because I am only a six-month new hire. In the staff meeting, the manager announced the the biggest bonus amount is equivalent to one's six-month base salary (or half of one's annual salary).

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