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Have you heard about the killing spree that was stopped before it happen in a San Antonio Movie Theater?

December 17, 2012.

This is as much as we know happened:

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*It sounds like his intent was to kill as many people in the chinese restaurant as possible, yet the main stream media rarely even gives that up for speculation except for some local news and eyewitness accounts. We are talking about 3 to possibly 10 lives being saved.

We don't hear about bystanders of gang violence being killed that often do we? And, before this political climate due to the disparity of our social climate how often did we hear about armed good citizens or cops simply doing their job/or being a good person, saving people and possibly thwarting the plans of evil/psychotic men?

And this is how Yahoo cover it:


@ Felonious Monkey: Don't you think it behooves us (who actually care) on how those tragedies could be prevented and to highlight similar instances where lives were saved and then to ask ourselves what were the key factors that implemented to those lives being saved?

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    Nope, the Media couldn't use it to push their political agenda, so it was censored.

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    The media looks to checklist greater undesirable information than good,i ask your self why too.... Making something a criminal offense won't consistently end it.. examples.. warfare on drugs,under the impression of alcohol employing!!. If weapons have been ever a criminal offense than in elementary terms the undesirable adult men might have them.. As for college guards. shall we use the money we supply to international locations that dislike us,our teenagers are greater significant!! Having a gun won't help consistently yet being defenseless will by no skill help.. isn't it greater perfect to have a gun and not % it than to % it and not have it!! A gun is form of a parachute. in case you % one, and don't have one, you will in all threat by no skill % one lower back."

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    So you're saying the news doesn't cover a story where nobody dies as heavily as they cover a story where 20 kids are murdered?


    Edit: The media doesn't have a liberal agenda, or a conservative agenda. They're not red or blue - they're green. The news reports whatever makes money. If millions of people tuned into a news show which reported how nobody died in a San Antonio movie theater, then we'd see a lot more coverage of that issue. But that's not the real world. Newtown shocked the conscience of the nation, San Antonio did not.

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    In the liberal mind, it doesn't count unless somebody got shot.

    Then they can count how many good guys got shot versus how many bad guys got shot.

    They think a gun didn't do any good unless one person or the other got shot.

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