Mandarin, Spanish, French, or German?

I am going to enter high school soon, and because I NEED to learn foreign language, Im forced to pick from these. I'm planing on taking it 3-4 years, because it's recommended, but which is the best and easiest? I'm Asian (Korean), but only know English, I only understand and read Korean (not able to speak, form sentence, understand all I read because my vocab isn't good although I understand my parents). I believe Mandarin (sorry if I spelt this wrong) was just added, but even my Chinese best friends who only knows a ring bit, says it's difficult. My dad says to take Mandarin or Spanish though - he said it wouldn't be TOO hard and he would pick Mandarin as his first choice. Spanish because many people speak it where I live. I really don't want to fail my class - I need to put up with it for 3-4 years, and honestly never had much interest in learning these languages, I did have a bit for Mandarin, but it seems too difficult - I don't want to fail, I NEED to get straight A's because of my Asian parents. I've only been very interested in Korean - which I am learning bit by bit from my mom. I don't know. I'm also worried about Spanish, just because there r many teachers for it (people from the school came and said so) so they said u will get a new teacher every year and they said the perks of going into a language like German is that u will probably have the same teacher and knowing a teacher for 4yrs will b better for letters of recommendation for college... I really don't know. Because my other friend wants me to learn French with her... I don't even know what I want to do when I'm grown up - I don't know what courses to take as electives, I know I need language and some kind of art though...


Also - what kind of Mandarin (like what areas, etc.) m do you think you learn in high school classes? Is it not as difficult as people say, or is it? My dad was talking about piyin or something and saying I won't fail (sorry if that's wrong) and I just don't know...

Update 2:

Also maybe if I learn mandarin I can help my dad who doesn't really know it well yet goes to china multiple times every year for business trips? My dad said to take it because china is a big world country or whatever... Idk his words, but he said he'd take it. My dad took Spanish as a high scho and my mom took French (because apparently at her school, French was the only one at the school she went to). Idk... She forgot it all because she had no interest, but she said she got a's in college in it, and I probably would like to remember the language, but... I don't know which to take.

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    mandarin is THE MOST spoken language in the world... but it would only be helpful if you know people who speak it, or plan to have a job that travels to foreign countries, etc.

    I think taking Spanish is 100% the most beneficial if you live in America. Don't worry about teacher changes. when writing letters of recommendations, one year should be plenty. I wouldn't base your choice of language based on that anyway... EDIT: Spanish 1 is easy once you get the hang of it. Spanish 2 is a bit hard, but not too much. Spanish 3 is reallly easy.

    I would only take French for the novelty of the language, because it isn't super necessary in the US. I also think it's very hard.. to pronounce at least :P

    I would strongly recommend LATIN!! if your state offers an online/virtual class!

    It's VERY easy, and you get to learn about Roman history as well. Fun! Plus, if after taking one year of Latin you decide to switch to Spanish, German or French, those languages are based off of Latin, so they'll be easier to learn!

    plus it would help you with English and SAT vocabulary. Latin is used in many, many fields of study, so that would be a big help for later in life, like college.

    In summary, out of your options I vote for Spanish, but you should ask a guidance counselor about online classes.

    Just take whatever you are most interested, because then you'll thrive... If you take a class just for the grade, you might end up hating it!


    Also consider if you're interested in taking any AP courses for languages...

    Source(s): 3 years of Spanish, currently taking Latin
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    If you plan to do international business, I would say Mandarin, since a gajillion people speak it.

    Still, a gajillion people speak Spanish too, and you can use it where you live now.

    I think Spanish is easier than Mandarin pronunciation-wise (Mandarin's got those dang tones). Also you won't have to learn new writing system if you take Spanish. The Pinyin your dad was talking about is the romanization of Chinese--Chinese with these types of letters, not hanzi, and tone markers.

    Changing teachers might not be so bad, because your school tells them what they have to teach anyway. The only thing that is hard is changing from a gringo teacher to a native Spanish speaker... You won't know what hit you when that native speaker starts talking.

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    Mandarin is a language where you need to remember words by Bian or known as the first symbol you write before completing the whole word. Well I am a Chinese and we do this since young. The hanyu pinyin is applicable for texting purpose on your phone. Combining the hanyu pinyin n Bian will enable u to do v gd in mandarin because you will be able to search dictionary faster due to the fact that yang for example has many words only on different tones. But relatively, it should be more interesting and more less likely to get crosses in your exam because once you know those words the exam should be easy alrdy.French I took before I lost interest after only 2-3 lessons n basically failed the whole thing because idk what the teacher is talking about. Another thing to note that usually Chinese teacher seeing u non native is kinder even u say like a word in wrong tonal sound, they will most likely not be as strict as a French teacher.Most importantly speaking with a chinese person,sometime even native speaker like me we also will add english words to a chinese sentence because we just sometime forget how to pronounce the word or sometime the words is not nice to pronounce.if got Mongolian , I would definitely call u to learn cuz it is the closer language to Korea. Btw, I think yes there are quite many Koreans in Korea that have to learn mandarin and I think you should try too. It wouldn't be too hard since I remembered there is one Korean singer from a k pop group who speaks like native.

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    I think you should go for German if you want something where it's easiERRR to get an A.

    If you live in the States, Spanish could be helpful and applicable.

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    in germany it is required to take french anyway, so if you ever vist germany you don't need to learn german

    i say spanish is easy anyway, anyone can learn it

    u can try mandarin if you'd like but i say rarely anyone speaks it like it isn't widely known

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