Are the shareholders of privately held S corporations public record?

The title says it all. I want to know if S corporation owners (shareholders) are public record or not. I want to make an S corporation, with myself as the soul shareholder, and registered agent, so I could write novels in complete anonymity. The corporation would hold the copyright and get the checks, I would just write and be paid by the corporation like a true ghost behind the books. However if shareholders are public record, than this would be pointless.

If you know- then please share as many details and links as possible.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You do not have to have your personal name on any public documents. You can hire an attorney to file the corporate documents, naming the law office as registered agent. There is no obligation to disclose names of shareholders, but directors and officers may have to be on the filings. You can nominate a strawman director, appoint a strawman president, file the papers and then hold a "board meeting" and change who is a director and who is an officer. Many states require updated filings when there is a change like that, but you're not obligated to file your incorporation in that state. Just find one to your liking and file there.

    I have had many clients who are "Nevada" or "Delaware" corporations, having never even been there, let alone carried on any business there, other than filing the incorporation paper and fees.

    Add: I think @Dan is a little confused when he talks about "officers" and "owners" which are completely different concepts. The shareholders are the owners and there is no obligation that any of them be officers, nor any obligation for any officer to be a shareholder. So, even if you own all the stock, your name doesn't have to be on any public papers.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    NO. Stock holders of corporations are not public. Officers and Directors are listed. If you are an officer of a corporation, your information may be listed. However, if you want to stay anonymous, hire a registered agent. The Registered Agent name or Registered Address is a public record available from the Secretary of State web page. You may also think about organizing a LLC instead of a Corporation. Some states such as New Mexico, do not list the Members or Managers name. The only name listed on a New Mexico LLC is the Registered Agent.

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  • Dan H
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    8 years ago

    The shareholders are usually not public record. However, the registered agent is public information as is any information on the corporation application, including the officers of the corporation, of which you would be one as you are the sole owner of the corporation.

    It's really difficult to be a public figure (a successful novelist) and remain anonymous these days. Using a pen name might make it happen, but someone has to pay taxes on the profits.

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    4 years ago

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