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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): treatment methods that you have experienced or seen to help heal the brain?

I am a survivor, and I'm not planning on giving up hope until my goal of complete recovery is reached. So now I ask you, the users on Yahoo! Answers, a question regarding therapies, natural medicine, or western medical practices that have been known to help aid in the recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). I have already been through physical, occupational and speech therapy. I have also done neurofeedback for about two years if my memory is serving me correctly. I have studied Reiki and got my certification as a level 1 Reiki learner. I also did music therapy early on in my recovery...Again, if there are other treatment methods for TBI that you are aware of besides the above few that I have listed, could you please post them up on this thread describing them (ie what occurs during a session of that therapy type/is the type practiced in the states)?


Intelligence with how to utilize the English language is not something I have a hard time with. What I do seem to have trouble with is activating and deactivating most of the muscle beds located on my right side that are spastic. I thank you kindly for your recognition of my writing capabilities, but is there any therapy type that you are aware of to help me with working through muscle hypertension besides Occupational or physical therapy?

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    You sound extremely intelligent already, as I read through your paragraph I noticed your had no grammatical or spelling errors.

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