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If you have time, come over and answer. I will give Best Answer.?

Personal Question...

classic fans???:

-Rocky Balboa

-Scarlett O'Hara

-Dorothy Gale

-Snow White

-Leonardo Da Vinci

-van Gogh

-James Dean

-Marilyn Monroe

-Elvis Presley

-Garden of Eden (sinfree)


what's the first thing you would get that would say these

classic characters and actors?

I mean, I guess, you could make a list

of the first things that you think of about for each?

from faces to what personal item(s)

that symbolize these? to you.

thanks you guys<3

I appreciate,



Yes Yes!! That's what I mean, thank you<33

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    I'm a classic fan myself, I'll try<3

    Rocky Balboa -- boxing, boxing gloves, American flag, American box shorts, the ring,

    the bell, Burgess Meredith

    Scarlett O'Hara -- a Scarlet flower, Wind, pinup girl with a HUGE dress like

    in the movie

    Dorothy Gale -- red slippers, emerald city, scarecrow, yellow brick road, yellow bricks,

    high air balloon

    Snow White -- red apple, snow white, talking mirror, mirror, crows,

    something with death, seven dwarfs, wake-up-kiss, romance

    Leonardo Da Vinci -- his painting, mona lisa, the last supper, paint brushes,


    Van Gogh -- his paintings, missing ear, hearing, love, lost love, depression

    James Dean -- cars, Porsche 550 Spyder, theater, movies, East of Eden,

    Rebel Without a Cause, smoking cigarettes, red long sleeved jacket

    Marilyn Monroe -- blonde, voluptuous figure, playboy, musical,

    suicide, depression, baseball, Kennedy, President, politics, happy birthday

    Elvis Presley -- music, hips, jailhouse rock, Gospel, rock and roll,

    hair due, drugs, sparkle, sparkle suit

    all I can think of, I hope this is what you meant,

    sorry it took forever, Lol Lol :P :P

    Garden of Eden, I don't know other than nudity, trees, plants, flowers,

    happy, lakes, tigers and animals, happy...

    good luck, hope you pick the right tattoo, they're for life!!!!


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