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Anyone agree with Katie Price?

So does anyone agree with what Katie Price had to say about Kelly Brook? I think Katie is disgusting!! As if Kelly Brook is a 'heffer' although I'm a strate girl I've always had a thing for Kelly, to me, she's a total babe!!! But I've been surprised to read a few comments agreeing with Katie!! Personally I just think katie is just jealous, much?? Opinions?? Who do you think is hotter??

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  • La
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    7 years ago
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    I see you've been reading Yahoo OMG news. I went to The Sun website to read Price's column and she did spell it correctly - heifer not heffer. But the morons that write for OMG are barely literate, their dictionary consists of "omg lol, girl crush, well jel, gorge, amaze and Cheryl Cole". So even a stupid tabloid has better editors than Yahoo celebrity news.

    To answer your question, no, I don't agree with Katie Price and I think she messed up big time here. Expect to see her soon apologising for it, blaming the paper for twisting her words or something. I think Price is a really insecure and lacks self-esteem, that's why she seeks attention in the way she does and lets all those men take advantage of her. She needs to work on her issues. No amount of plastic surgery, marriages to toyboys or babies will make her feel more worthy, it needs to come from herself. We should be sorry for her, really. I agree with you that Kelly Brook is hot, but even if she wasn't, KP should not have said that. How either of them looks is not the point here at all.

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  • Herve
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    7 years ago

    Katie Price always does this sort of thing when she's been out of the news for too long. It's all she has left, and she's a ridiculous plastic joke of a woman. Kelly Brook's vomit is more attractive than Katie Price.

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  • kelly brook is definitely hotter than that mess. the only use for her would be as a bouyancy aid in a shipwreck.

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  • 7 years ago

    Perhaps Ms."jugs" Price should learn not to open her mouth until her minuscule brain is in gear !

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  • tougas
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    3 years ago

    properly we in user-friendly terms see an edited version, goodness is conscious what the communique have been till now that.I believe Kim although, she hit the nail precise on the top. provide Katie her dues although, she did not attempt to disclaim it like some could have.

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