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can I ask you a personal question. I will give Best Answer?

classic fans???:

-Rocky Balboa

-Scarlett O'Hara

-Dorothy Gale

-James Dean

-Marilyn Monroe

-Elvis Presley


what's the first thing you would get that would say these

classic characters and actors?

I mean, I guess, you could make a list

of the first things that you think of about for each?

from faces to what personal item(s)

that symbolize these? to you.

thanks you guys<3

I appreciate,




"dream big" and star trophy, sounds really good:)

I like those ideas! thanks for sharing:)

I just thought of some more (need ideas)

-Garden of Eden

-Leonardo da Vinci

-van Gough

?? I hope others as well will post :) :) :)

Update 2:

van Gogh, sorry for typo :P

Update 3:

-Snow White

I put these specifics up, I'd like ideas from these specifics.

If you want to share other ideas for others, please share.

Love to read everybody's choices=)

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    The ones that stick out the most to me are Elvis, Marilyn, and John Dean. I would do some sort of famous hollywood star. Maybe a trophy. Personally I would get a tattoo that said "dream big" that what all of these people did. They're famous for a reason.

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