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Did John Smith save Thomas in real life?

In Disney's movie Pocahontas, John Smith friend, Thomas falls overboard. In real life, did John save him like in the movie. Was Thomas a real person at all?

It's for school, and i've looked everywhere and cant find the answer

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    I don't know if John Smith had a friend named Thomas who sailed with him to Virginia, so I can't say for certain if this was a real or fictitious person.

    What I can say is that you should not believe everything you see in movies or on TV, because facts have a way of getting ignored, distorted, or invented.

    For instance, the real Pocahontas was not, at the time of her encounters with the settlers of Jamestown, the full-grown woman that the Disney film presents, but most likely a girl of about twelve or thirteen.

    She did, however marry an Englishman (not John Smith, however) and was presented to King James at Court, where she was treated as royalty.

    Unfortunately, Pocahontas (who converted to Christianity and took the name Rebecca) died at the age of twenty-four, and left a young son who survived to adulthood and also married, so there are probably descendants of her and her husband to this day.

    Source(s): history nut who is often annoyed at the way Hollywood often ignores, distorts, and even invents facts when making films based on genuine historical persons
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