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Car deductible waived?

Ok so I spoke with my claim adjuster a day ago and she told me that I am not at fault for the collision that happened. She also said that she was going to try to waive my deductable (500). Is this true? I thought deductibles are not waived regardless if you're at fault or not. I haven't received any letters about the outcome of the collision but word of mouth she said I am not at fault.

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    If it is determined that the other party is at fault, then the other party's insurance is liable for 100% of the claim. Your insurance is merely passing the reimbursement on to you.

  • Mushu
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    Yes, deductibles do apply regardless of fault. I'm thinking that your adjuster has been in contact with the other party's insurance, and they have accepted liability. They've likely guaranteed that they will reimburse your insurance company for the accident, so your adjuster has waived it.

    We do the same thing at the insurance company I work. Although it's not common, it does sometimes happen.

  • lucy
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    Normally, they will never waive the deductible, regardless at fault or not at fault.

    But,,,,,(IF), the other insurance company has agreed they are at fault, then sometimes they will waive it, since by the other company agreeing they are liable, they are also agreeing that they will "repay" your company for all of the damages, which includes your deductible.

    Either way, even if you get stuck with paying your deductible and since your company believes you are not at fault, they will go after the other insurance for what they paid, and include your deductible, and when they get paid, you will get a refund.

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    You might be talking to the insurance company of the at fault driver because they are responsible for repairing your car and you do not have to pay a deductible. They shouldnt be "trying": they cant make you pay.

    Now, if youre talking to your insurance, then yes they can maybe try to waive it maybe if you claim from under insured or uninsured coverage. It varies.

    I can also vary by state, some states are "No Fault" like NY.

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    Wait and see what you adjuster tells you. How would we know what an unknown insurance company might do?

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