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So i used to like a eighth grader whose homeroom is across from mines. I told my friends. One of them told her friend who told her friend, and that idiot told him on facebook. The day b4 winter break, he came 2 my homeroom w/ his gf (i think) and his best friend, and yelled my name. I pretended to be preoccupied. the stupid bell rang. i was finally able to leave. Nowadays, he gives me awkward looks. 2day, his best friend gave me this weird face as if he was making fun of me. Whenever I pass him he either

a)looks at me (awkward stare)

b) ignores me

His tiny short friend was really rude 2 me on the stairwell (rude attitude). Im frickin taller than him! So there was this other guy that i place my dibs on the 1st day of school (8th grader). i never thought id see him again so i gave up, cuz i had a more elegible crush. But now I think the crush whose homeroom is acrosss mines one is a jerk for telling people that i like him and made fun of me in my homeroom. Now i went back to liking the one. i know more about him and all! he's funny and really hot, and all. but the one whose homeroom is across from mine still thinks i like him. now wat?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Listen hon. You NEVER liked the guy across from you. Get it. It was never true. So just tell people to GROW UP if they bug you. From now on, TAKE CONTROL of your life. YOU are in control. YOU make the decisions. When you tell someone else who you like, you lose control, hon. So that's over. Realize that you're on your own, that's when you grow up. You're a mature, intelligent young woman, now REALIZE it. Okay, if you like a guy, find yourself next to him. Then ask him a basic simple question that he can answer, like "What time is the last lunch period over?, Who's that English teacher with the weird hair?, What time is the game friday nite?" Anything, and when he tells you, brighten up and say,"that's what I thought, thanks. See you round." The second time you find yourself next to him (on purpose) say, 'Wow, this food smells like what I fed my dog yesterday', or 'sometimes it smells like the gym locker in here'. something cute and kinda funny, he'll give you a laugh and maybe talk some. If he seems a little interested, then the third time is the easiest. When you see him and you make eye contact, give him an exagerrated wink ,then smile and a little wave. That's 3 strikes and you're out, and now HE'S up to bat. Now if he is interested in you, he'll come and talk to you. If not, he's either NOT interested, or too shy and you don't want someone TOO shy. Do this FROM NOW ON, honey. You will be able to PICK the guy you want this way. If it doesn't work, no big deal, you didn't make a fool of yourself, you just had a little conversation. Now if you do this with a guy that you like, eventually you'll PICK a guy that WILL respond. And there you go, YOU picked a guy, instead of waiting around for that special guy to come and talk to YOU like every other girl is doing. This strategy will change your life forever, honey. Do it with EVERYTHING in your life, not just guys. Take control of the way you want your life to go.

  • 3 years ago

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