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Is it a good idea to get an extra magazine for my airsoft gun?

I just started airsoft and I wanted to get it to be a big hobby of mine so I went and bought some gear so this is what I have

An M4 AEG (350-370 FPS)

1 High cap magazine for it

A Spring revolver (6 Shots)

A red dot sight

A laser sight

A flashlight

A grip

A mask

A jacket

I was wondering if it is a good Idea to get an extra magazine or two and if so what type.

NOTE: I do have some experience with airsoft but I just didn't have a gun of mine.

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    Always worth being able to carry additional ammo. I would take a least 4 mags, mixed between hi-caps and mid-caps. The reason for the mix is that hi-caps tend to rattle, so when your going for stealth its worth having some mids.

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    So you want as much as pick from a record of hundreds of attainable choices? You're gonna have to narrow this down slightly by means of answering the next: Firearms you just like the appear and/or believe of, and what ones you do not. Easy query, eh? But it surely helps loads.

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    I personally run all midcaps. I just find them so much more convenient to use. They don't rattle, they don't have to be wound.

    I bought two of these packs (just to have a few extras) and they have been perfect.

    These should be perfect for you.

    Source(s): 5 years airsofting.
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