Can I become a YouTube partner without AdSense?

My AdSense account got disabled like a year ago, and I'm pretty sure it's not gonna become enabled again. Can I still become a YouTube partner without it? Just a side question: What are the perks of being a partner?

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    You need a Google AdSense account to become a partner. That is how you get paid if you become a partner.

    To be in the YouTube's partnership program you'll need to enable monetization in the account settings, this will allow YouTube to place ads on your videos, next you'll need to apply for a partnership at, then have a Google AdSense account linked to your channel. Once your partnership application was accepted and have a verified AdSense account your an official partner.

    To be in the Partnership program:

    - You create your own original videos (meaning videos nobody else has done)

    - The content is 100% yours (you made it, not copied)

    - You own all of the implied copyrights

    - Your videos are viewed by thousands

    - You upload videos on a regular basis

    - The videos are suitable for all viewers

    - You can prove you are 18+ years old

    - Have an active bank account

    - Have a verified AdSense account

    - Have 1 or more video with monetization enabled

    - No strikes pending on your channel

    - Have a lot of total video views

    To become a YouTube partner without pay, you'll need to be a non-profit organization or an charitable organization to have no pay. Just register for a new AdSense account again.

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