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My hips are growing like crazy?

Okay, I am 17, 5'4 and I used to be 120-125 pounds months ago and whenever I actually gained weight, within a few days I would go back to this weight. But now I am 135, have much wider hips, and gained some fat on the sides of my stomach (lovehandles) and I really do not know why. I started to work so I am more active than I was when I would go to school and come home and stay at home doing nothing. What is the reason for this? I really do not like this change at all. As for my body shape, I do naturally have wide hips and a butt but now my hips seem so wide and when I feel the sides it feels like bone, not a lot of fat covering them. Can someone guess why this happened? (no I am not sexually active either) and I have been eating like I normally would sometimes even less if I have work but that is it. My dad just made me feel like crap because he was looking at my hips area and giving a dirty look like I was fat or something. Also, it is so hard to fit into my jeans aswell. I am freaking out please help!! I feel so fat..


ddont think it is winter weight..sorry but I said my hips feel like they have widened not gained fat around them.

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    BQA: Hmm, excellent query. I have a friend with fibromyalgia, but she's a little bit crazy, so taking her word for it might now not be a smart idea. I'm wondering if it is not so much a topic of it being hip to be loopy as it is that extra humans are accepting that mental disorders such as depression and anxiousness are traditional. The crux of this acceptance although is that, we take delivery of it as an alternative than telling people to suck it up. Edit: I suppose there needs to be a balance of acceptance and telling humans to get a grip. Such as you, i don't broadcast my depression/anxiety, but i'm honest about it. I also do not use it as an excuse like some folks. PS SG my spouse gets stressed leg syndrome on the whole when her iron levels are low. I believe it's extra of a symptom than a syndrome though. Re-Edit: just desired to right owlet by using stating that despair/anxiousness meds and so forth. Don't leave men and women "emotionally numb". Many intellectual disorders are a outcomes of a chemical imbalance within the brain, so the chemically altering you refer to is definitely resetting the mind to it's right state in order that individuals can expertise other emotions. J0e

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    its winter weight

    girls gain weight during the winter to stay warm(guys do too but not as much as girls) i gained 5 pounds and ive been eating more too x.x so dont worry you're fine

    its fine, it'll go away when its warm again

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