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What is Norwegian Wood by The Beatles about?

im wondering i love the song but im not sure what its about i suspect its an affair lennon had but i heard rumors there was a lesbian element to it like 'she told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh' shows reluctance to sleep with him

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    In an attempt to be obscure, Jone tells us in the opening lines of the song that he once had a girl, but wait: Actually, she had him. What does this mean? A reading of the lyrics tells us what happened, he went to a girl's flat, she showed off her Norwegian wood furniture to him [but paradoxically, she didn't have a chair?], they sat on the floor, talked, drank wine, and then she said it was bedtime. She told him laughingly that she worked in the morning, suggesting he was not welcome in her bed, and the next line confirms this , as the narrator spends the night sleeping in the bathtub. so, does the line "she once had me" mean that she tricked him into thinking he was going to score with her, but in the end, she "got him" with her ruse? Had he been "had"?

    He awakens the next morning alone, this birds has flown, so what does he do? He lights a fire. With her Norwegian wood furniture? Maybe, Paul McCartney has said that the last verse discribes the narrator setting fire to the bird's house, although the earlier lyrics [her room] suggest she lives in an apartment.

    Was the narrator admitting he burned down her place out of spite for not sleeping with him? Or does the song actually end with this hapless soul sitting in front of a fireplace, looking around at his flown bird's good Norwegian wood furniture?

    When John was married to Cynthia, he was having an illicit, clandestine affair with what some say was a high-profile journalist, and he wanted the song to be about this relationship. He admitted however that he did not want Cynthia to find out about his affair [especially via a set of blatantly revealing lyrics], so he tried to couch the story in symbolism, metaphor, and vague language, and he did not completely succeed.

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    A pine bookshelf from Ikea - no, honest

    Curiously, there is also something of a less than cryptic nod towards Monty Python's 'Dead Parrot sketch' - specifically the bit about "Pining for the Fjords"

    Apparently in the 60s, Norway was something new and very open to new experiences - ask any passing Norwegians.

    It was only in the mid 70s that John Lennon discovered that Ikea was in fact Swedish.

    Of course, by that point, we were all quite stunned.

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    Yes the song is about a affair John Lennon was having when he was married to Cynthia.He first started to compose the song when he was on holiday with his then wife Cynthia in the swiss alps in January,1965.John Lennon wrote most of the song and finished writing the words with Paul McCartney.It is also marks the first example of a rock band playing the Sitar in one of their songs and the Sitar was played by George Harrison.

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    A journalist asked a question to the Beatles at a press convention regarding Norwegian wooden supposedly being a couple of lesbian and another song supposedly being a few prostitute. McCartney sarcastically quipped, "We're just seeking to write songs about prostitutes and lesbians." :o) See youtube video The Beatles - "Revolver" Press conference (incomplete) la, CA - August 24, 1966.

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  • I heard it was about an affair that John had too. I also heard that Norwegian wood is a word play on 'Knowing she would'

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    This link has some information. Seems to me I read an interview with Paul M. just recently where he talked about the song, but can't remember quite where right now.

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    Who knows except them? There's many theories, three of which are here:

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    it's about love like all their songs

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