Latin Translations! The Story of Prometheus!?


I'm trying to practice my Latin translations, and I found this tough one on the internet and I've been trying to translate it without much luck. I am a Latin student looking for extra practice, could someone translate this so I can have something to check my translations by? Thanks a lot!

In principiō, Iuppiter genus humanum non amavit. Hominēs

enim cavernās incolebant et nullam culturam habuērunt.

Titan Prometheus eīs miseruit et eōs iuvāre voluit. Eōs igitur

docuit animalia avēsque domāre, agriculturam facere et

domōs aedificāre. Eōs docuit scribere, legere et numerāre.

Tandem, genus humanum culturam habuit et melius quam

animalia erat.

Tamen, hominēs nec pellem nec ungulās habent et non

potuerant ā tempestate et animalibus sē defendere.

Prometheus voluit hominēs iuvāre itaque eīs dāre ignem

deōrum voluit. Montem Olympum ascendit et, dum dormiebat

Iuppiter, ignem rapuit. Tum, montem descendit et hominibus

ignem dedit. Nunc hominēs sē defendere potuērunt! Nunc

cibum coquere potuērunt!

Iuppiter autem erat iratissimus quando hominēs *** igne vidit.

Prometheum punīre voluit. Iuppiter deum Vulcanum iussit

Prometheum capere et ad saxum vincīre. Cottidie, aquila

magna ad eum volabat et iecur eius vorabat. Per noctem

Prometheī iecur sē recurabat. Magnum dolorem pro hominibus


Iuppiter nunc hominibus miseruit et eōs permisit ignem

retinere. Omnia dona quae Prometheus eīs dederat quoque

retinere potuērunt. Unam rem tamen amovit: immortalitatem

eōrum. Nunc, genus humanum mortale est. Hominēs senescent

et morientur, at Iuppiter nunc eōs amat et curat.

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    8 years ago
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    Could you translate this so we can have something to check our translations by?

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  • 8 years ago

    The first step in asking for help with a translation is to post your sincere attempt at the parts of the translation that you are having trouble with. Then perhaps someone will be willing to help you learn what you need to know to improve your translation.

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