does anyboy have siggestions for tattoos and where?

I'd get them like this is my first and idk what I would get I'm turning to u guys for ideas.... something with meaning ...


And ik I should decide but these are ideas just invade I do Want them ... I'm just not a open minded person ...

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's hard to suggest without knowing anything about you. Especially if you want something with meaning. A tattoo is permanent. It's on you forever, so once you decide on something, you should think about it for a long time before making the commitment.

    I got my first tattoo a few days ago. I decided I wanted to get a paper crane a couple of years ago, but I waited until now just to make sure it was something I really wanted, and wouldn't regret.

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  • 8 years ago

    Tattoos are personal and YOU should decide what and where you want not let someone else make that decision for you. IF you have no idea what you want or where you want ii, you are not ready to get one and will probably not be pleased with the result - which cannot just be removed like make-up.

    Source(s): Mother and Grandmother of Tattoo Artists.
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