What names suit these characters?

I'm planning on writing a story, this year. The four main characters are from an orphanage and are BFFs and like sisters. They all arrived when they were 8 yrs old. The story starts off with them in the Orphanage, until a family comes... When the 4 girls are together, trouble always follows and they are very Hypo

Main character 1: Long, loosely curled strawberry blonde hair, and blue eyes. She loves being outdoors playing. Often hides behind a smile, which isn't always real. Animal lover. 15 yrs old.

Main Character 2: Long black hair with bangs and green eyes. She can be full of energy one day and quiet the next. Loves wearing make-up. Very loud and crazy. 15 yrs old.

Main Character 3: Blonde/brown shoulder-length hair, very curly and brown eyes. Very athletic and always making her friends play sports. loves the cricket, tennis and AFL. 15 yrs old.

Main Character 4: Lightly curled short brown hair and hazel eyes. Quiet, down to earth, the glue in the group. Loves watching cricket. tennis and AFL with 3. 15 yrs old.

Minor Character 1: Loving and kind. wants to fill the big quiet house, with laughing - Mum

Minor Character 2: Really wants to come home to childern running to give him a hug - Dad

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  • 8 years ago
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    1.Danielle Dames

    2.Claira Mason

    3.Teresa Evanson

    4.Melinda Lloyd

    Minor characters

    Vanessa and Conor Hudson

    good luck and hope this helps.:)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hi :)

    I am not a great person ...to suggest names for such a great characters..!

    I am sure that your story will be aTmost success..!...:D U r talented ..:)

    Ya ...n about the names...

    Ch 1 : Adreana

    Ch 2 : Eleana

    Ch 3 :Dimple

    Ch 4 : Simi

    Ch 5 : Margarett

    Ch 1 :Mary Rosellet

    Ch 2 :Mathew howard

    Maybe helpful..!..:D

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