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請幫忙翻譯下面的文章!! 急~~

如果有一天,我像書中的主角一樣,因為某些事件,像是意外或生病而失去記憶,並且即使在今日尋回了自己過去的生活,在明日也會回到什麼都不記得的狀態,我想我會像瘋子一樣,選擇自暴自棄,因為我一無所有。 更殘忍的是,當自己發現似乎和你最親近的人,幫助你最多的人,都在你好不容易鼓起勇氣追尋自己在過去所擁有的一切的同時選擇對你說謊,甚至在最後一刻才發現他們根本就是傷害自己的兇手,那麼世界上,到底什麼是真正的信任? 到底有誰是真的可以完全相信的?我想大概沒有。 總而言之,對我而言,我人為不能完全信任一個人。




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    If there's one day, I lost my memory acidentally, like because of an incident or illness like the main character in thr book. And even if I found my past today, I would forget it tommorow, I think would be like a crazy idiot, give up on myself because what I have is nothing. In a more cruel situation, when you found the people who seems very close to you who helped you a lot and made you stand up again was lying to you and who's actually the fiend. then what is turst? Who can I really trust? I think there isn't anyone. Summing up, no one can be trusted.

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    If I became a main character in a novel one day, who loses his memory because of some accident or disease, unable to remember anything the next day, even though he can find his old life back every day, I think I will go crazy -- I will give up on myself because I have lost everything.


    It is even more cruel when I realise that the people closest to me, people who helped me the most, choose to lie to me just when I pick up the courage to seek my past -- or at the last moment, I realise that they are the culprits who harmed me, what then is trust in this world?


    Who can I fully trust? I guess there is no one.


    In my opinion, there is no one you can fully trust.



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    If one day, I, like the main character in the book, because certain events, such as accidents or illness and lost his memory, and even today recovered his own past life, tomorrow, nothing will come back to remember, I think I would like a madman, choose to give up, because I have nothing. More cruel is that when he has discovered and you close people, help you up man, are you finally plucked up the courage to go for her while everything in the past, choose to lie to you, even at the last moment, only to find that they simply harm the murderers, world, what is the real trust? Who in the hell was I can completely believe? I guess not. All in all, for me, I man cannot be completely trusted person.

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