What other types of sauce besides BBQ can I put on my grilled chicken breast?

Im sick of using the bbq sauce they have in my school's dining hall to put on my grilled chicken breasts for dinner. any other tips for sauce that i could put on?

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    7 years ago
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    Honey mustard, sweet hot mustard, and ranch dressing are all good sauces for chicken.

    Alfredo sauce with lemon juice and black pepper added is also good.

    Mix teriyaki sauce and honey.

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    A little mayo is nice, buy the diet kind if you fear the calories. My favorite sandwich is white meat chicken, on white bread, with butter and a little mayo. Yum, had it last night. You could do that with a roll, or bread. take it with yo if you must.

    Use the dips that restaurants sell with their chicken nuggets as a guideline.

    A sweet mustard, or ranch dressing, or make a Mexican chicken with salsa or taco sauce.

    Take a soft taco with you, cut up your chicken and roll it up with the ethnic fixings of your choice. Lettuce and tomato and mayo with chicken.

    Or make a chicken taco, use some Mexican rice from a can, chunk up the chicken, and add whatever else you want..

    I put some Burger King onion rings dip on some the other day. It was hot, but good. they sell that at the grocery.

    I also use just a little canned gravy on it, that is good too.

    try a different BBQ sauce. there are lots of different kinds.

    take a little mozzarella cheese and some parmesan with you, and some spaghetti sauce. Put the cheese on, and then the sauce. Con yourself into thinking you have chicken parm on your plate.

    Other sneaky tricks: take some macaroni or some green salad, and cube your chicken up into it.

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    First, try marinating the chicken breast with Italian salad dressing, and then bbq it. Roughly 10 - 15 minutes before it is out from the smoker or oven, you put bbq sauce on it. Reason is that bbq sauce has got too much sugar in it.

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    Assuming the chicken is just plain grilled with no spices added besides salt or pepper, you could make a really easy Italian type sauce. Open a can of tomato sauce and add garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, basil, dried parsley, pinch of salt and dash of pepper to taste. You can leave out the spices you don't have or don't like, or add less! Heat the sauce until warm and pour over cooked chicken. You can serve the chicken and sauce over pasta too.

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    Yes they will burn, for 2 major reasons. But that doesn;t mean you can't marinate the chicken in the sauce. The reasons they burn: Pretty mush all bbq sauce-specially store bought ones have sugar in them. Sugar burns easily. Also with what many Americans think of as bbq sauce is the thick reddish/brown sauce. Becasue it is already so dark in color it will burn quicker. You can pull it off though: Marinate the chicken over night then wiep the majorty of the sauce off the chicken, then toss the marinade/sauce. Add a little more towards the end of the cooking process. Use lower heat/coals and cook it for longer. You could marinate the chicken in a vinegar-y based sauce but don't do it over night. Acid based sauces have a will "cook" the chicken.

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    Think about the sauces you like to eat. Then put them on your chicken breast. What your comfortable eating is your choice. If you don't like the selection of sauces the school supplies you can always bring your own in a small spill proof container. They make 2-4 oz containers just for that purpose.

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    There are lot and easy to make, try a sweet and sour sauce, chicken bang bang, made from 1 part smooth peanut butter 1 part double cream salt and pepper , delicious.

    curry sauce, indian korma sauce, indian pasandra sauce

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    7 years ago

    My two favorite brands are"Sweet Baby Rays" and "Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce".

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    Pesto! Either the usual basil or sun-dried tomato. Both are excellent and easy to carry with you and don't need cooking. Just open the jar and smear some on the chicken.

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