Information needed on some old books?

Any information on these old books (Background, care/preservation, worth) would be greatly appreciated

Gregory and Pennington(1853) Brown small book with gold decoration on the side.

Liber Precum Publicarum(1902) red book, gold edge on pages and a red ribbon to hold the page.

A Collection of the Works of Thomas Chalkley(1754) Leather bound with decretive symbol pressed into cover.

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  • Vamp
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    8 years ago
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    Gregory and Pennington - you haven't told us which book this is. They wrote books of moral advice such as "A Father's Legacy to His Daughters: A Mother's Advice to Her Absent Daughters"

    Liber Precum Publicarum: This is the Book of Common Prayer in Latin. You haven't told us the publishers although there is a Longman, Green edition of that date.

    The Thomas Chalkley was first published in 1749 so this is a later reprint.

    As far as care goes:

    Out of direct sunlight

    In a stable temperature (65-70F/18-21c)

    Well-aired (to prevent mould) Ideally a relative humidity of 45 -55% to stop them drying out.

    If you are using wood shelves make sure that they are properly sealed. Store large books flat. Don't crowd your shelves.

    Handle with care (clean hands - you can get acid-free gloves if you have something really valuable). Read books flat on a table. Always close the book when you have finished reading.

    Don't try and repair them yourself. If you wish you put your name in them, it should be done lightly in pencil.

    Value: None of these are likely to be particularly valuable although the value will depend on the condition of the book about which I know nothing.

    The Chalkley may be worth between $125 - $450.

    Gregory and Pennington; $50 - $85

    Liber Precum Publicarum; around $150

    I would stress these are only rough estimates and you would really need to take them to an antiquarian book dealer for a proper valuation

  • svatos
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    4 years ago

    that is not particularly worth something. each man or woman can get the fabric in any bookstore and the version isn't something specific of itself. Treasure it because of fact it particularly is a eye-catching factor, finished of substantial concepts and emotions and because your son bought it for you.

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