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I'm having triplets! Name ideas, please?

My husband and I have been trying for a year and the time has finally come. We are so excited about the triplets, but we don't know what to name them yet! We like classy and sometimes cute names. We like both common names like Andrew and less common, special names like Eva or Mateo. The genders are one boy, one girl, and we don't know the last's sex because its legs were crossed. Please include middle names! :) Thanks!!

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  • Vera
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    7 years ago
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    Aww congrats! One baby is great, 3 babies is awesome :)

    I really like Andrew, and I love Eva and Mateo! Plus Eva and Mateo go really well together :)

    Some girl ideas -

    Isla Elizabeth

    Mila Lillian

    Genevieve Maria

    Freya Aubrey

    Juliet Willow

    Odessa Sinclair

    Evelyn Violet - (Eva for short)

    Evangeline Desiree (Eva for short)

    Lola Noelle

    Estella Avery

    Ruby Summer

    Faith Winter ( If you have two girls and one boy, you could give one girl the middle name Summer and the other the middle name Winter! I thought it was kinda cute :) .)

    Sasha Grace

    Annabelle Rose

    Skylar Addison

    Katherine Arlene

    Georgina (Georgia for short) Audrey

    Bianca Alicia

    Lula Annette

    Josephine Layla

    Madeleine Harper

    Savannah July

    Anya Jasmine

    Serenity Ava

    Daisy Renee

    Esme Gabrielle

    Alexandria Bethany

    Harmony Elise

    Aurora Sophia

    Penelope Isabella

    Scarlett Tessa

    Lucy Hayden

    Hazel Alexis

    Zoey Reagan

    Caroline Serena

    Felicity Charlotte

    Boys -

    Riley Anderson

    Anthony Xavier

    Logan Isaac

    Zachary Gideon

    Benjamin Lucas

    Zeke William

    Nolan Davis

    Rowan Jeremy

    Maxwell Luca

    Elias Simon

    Elijah Oliver

    Hunter Cole

    Keegan Wyatt

    Wesley Ian

    Caleb Zander

    Isiah Joel

    Josiah Alexander

    Reuben Jeremiah

    Everett Owen

    Damien River

    Emerson Zane

    Orin Brody

    Quinton Bryce

    Tate Edwin

    Edward Dominic

    Carter Nathaniel

    Vincent (Vinny for short) Reese

    Keaton Jack

    Ivan Parker

    Milo Silas

    Griffin James

    Gage Bryson

    Abraham Nicolas

    Names that go with Eva and Mateo -

    Eva, Mateo and Atticus (boy)

    Eva, Mateo and Braxton (boy)

    Eva, Mateo and Kellan (boy)

    Eva, Mateo and Reid/Reed (boy)

    Eva, Mateo and Rufus (boy)

    Eva, Mateo and Wilder (boy)

    Eva, Mateo and Jasper (boy)

    Eva, Mateo and Lucia (Girl)

    Eva, Mateo and Antonia (Girl)

    Eva, Mateo and Camilla (Girl)

    Eva,Mateo and Natalia (Girl)

    Eva, Mateo and Estella (Girl)

    Eva, Mateo and Renee (Girl)

    Eva, Mateo and Sinclair (Girl)

    Names that go with Andrew -

    Andrew, Ivan and Josephine (Boy boy girl )

    Andrew, Zachary and Serena (Boy boy girl)

    Andrew, Anthony and Aria (Boy boy girl)

    Andrew, Oliver and Charlotte (Boy boy girl)

    Andrew, Hudson and Felicity (Boy boy girl)

    Andrew, Wyatt and Giselle (Boy boy girl)

    Andrew, Everett and Ruby (Boy boy girl)

    Andrew, Desiree and Genevieve (Boy girl girl)

    Andrew, Scarlett and Felicity (Boy girl girl)

    Andrew, Addison and Amelia (Boy girl girl.)

    Andrew, Johanna and Sabrina (Boy girl girl)

    Andrew, Ophelia and Juliet (Boy girl girl.)

    Andrew, Violet and Summer (Boy girl girl.)

    Andrew, Lucy and Sadie (Boy girl girl.)

    Source(s): Hope this helped! Goodluck! :)
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  • 7 years ago

    If all boys:

    Alec, Arthur, Aaron

    Blake, Brady, Bradley

    Carter, Cornelius, Calvin

    Derrick, Douglas, Dillon

    Emmett, Eric, Ethan

    Fletcher, Fredrick, Franklin

    Garrett, Griffin, Grant

    Hunter, Harold, Hector

    Ian, Issac, Isaiah

    Jayme, Jarrod, Jesse

    Kent, Kenneth, Keith

    Luca, Liam, Leo

    Mason, Maverick, Mitchell

    Nickolas, Nathan, Nolan

    Oliver, Owen, Omar

    Patrick, Parker, Preston

    Rodger, Randell, Ralph

    Sawyer, Spencer, Shane

    Tucker, Trenton, Travis

    Vincent, Victor, Virgil

    Walter, Wyatt, William

    Zachary, Zeke, Zane

    If all girls:

    Ariel, Ava, Annaliese

    Baylee, Brooke, Bianca

    Courtney, Carolyn, Chloe

    Dakota, Danielle, Destiny

    Emma, Elia, Emily

    Faith, Fiona, Felicity

    Gwendolyn, Giselle, Georgia

    Holly, Hope, Heather

    Jacy, Jodi, Jacqueline

    Karlee, Kennedy, Kara

    Leah, Leslie, Laci

    Monica, Madison, Makaylee

    Nichole, Natasha, Nora

    Phoebe, Peyton, Paige

    Renee, Rosella, Robin

    Sydney, Shiloh, Shae

    Tessa, Tayler, Tiffany

    Vanessa, Veronica, Valerie

    Zoe, Zada, Zaylee

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  • kt
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    What a blessing! Congratulations! Enjoy every moment!

    I love the classy/modern names! Those are the best! :)


    Andrew Jack (Andy)

    Noah Davis

    William Spencer (Liam)

    Jackson Levi

    Preston James

    Weston Mateo

    Wesley Ryan

    Ethan Taylor

    Brody Alex


    Samantha Jane "Sami"

    Brooklyn Mackenzie

    Leah Claire

    Elizabeth Rose "Elle"

    Eva Kate

    Reagan Olivia

    Peyton Faith

    Jordyn/Jordan McKinley

    Rylie Jane

    Emily Taite

    Madison Faith "Madi"

    Good luck and congratulations! Hope this helps! God bless!

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  • 7 years ago


    Sophia Rose

    Claire Melody

    Erica Shay

    Emma Leann

    Rylee Grace

    Lyric Grace

    Libby Maye

    Emie Claire


    Landon Drake

    Drew Levi

    Mason Matheiu

    Gabe Adair

    Patrick John and say PJ

    Austin Zac

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  • 7 years ago

    Girl names: Avalon Blue, Indi Lynn, Harper Leigh, Anna Jane, Julia Rae, Raelynn Alexis, Gemma Nicole, Calypso Kate

    Boys: Finley Jason, Andrew Dylan, Brandon William, Connor David, Cole Christian

    Source(s): Congrats!!
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  • 7 years ago

    Well you failed to mentioned if you wanted them all to start with the same letters, so I am assuming not. Well here are the following names I've fallen in love with and find adorable:























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  • 7 years ago

    Naomi Megan (or Megan Naomi), Natalie Nichole, Noah Bryce (GGB)

    Delaney Justice, Naomi Grace, Trey Alexander (GGB)

    Madison Claire, Matthew Jonathan, Michael James (GBB)

    Keegan Matthew, Kendall Timothy, Chloe Noel (BBG)

    Magnolia Rose, Chloe Noel, Bryson Tate (GGB)

    If you want more suggestions, I have tons! Congratulations!!

    Source(s): mom to quintz and twinz +1 =)
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Boys: Daniel, Samuel, William, Jansen,

    Girls: Ava, Rosalie, Isabelle, Julliet,

    Daniel William, Samuel Jansen, Isabelle Julliet, Ava Rosalie.

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  • 7 years ago

    Hope (boy) faith(girl) miracle (if girl) light (if boy) -Lysander Lyra Lyre Lyndon-castiel rosalaya dalliance dante it's in the same order as the first option and congrats :D

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Girls : Callie , Daphne , Angel

    Boys : Quentin , Morgan and Austin

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