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I am flying for the first time...from CA to Texas.....Have 4 hrs stop in LAS VEGAS......dont know what to do ?

Its gonna be for the first time i am flying alone ...earlier i have been flying with family....but this is for the first time ....and that to flight is gonna stop at Vegas .....some tips ... things to do in Vegas airport

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    I wouldn't plan to leave the airport during that stop. By the time you get out of the airport, find trasnportation, get where you're going, and allow time to get back to the airport and through security again, then you won't really have much time left to see or do anything.

    There are slot machines in the airport if you are 21+. Otherwise, I'd just plan to get some food, read a book, catch a nap, shop...

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    Can't do much- 4 hours between flights really means 3.25 hours since flights board early these days. Also you'd have to go back through security which you should allow a half hour to an hour depending on the day and time. So leaves you with just a couple of hours- eat a good lunch or dinner in one of the nicer restaurants in the concourse and play slots in the gate area, really all the time you will have.

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    I would get a taxi from the airport and tell the driver to take Paradise all the way up to the Stratosphere. Ride the elevator to the top. Then get a cab back to the airport and tell the driver to take Las Vegas Blvd. all the way to Tropicana. That way you'll get to see the entire Las Vegas strip from high and low altitude and make use of your four hours.

    The airport itself isn't that interesting. It's like any other decent airport in the USA. There are a bunch of fast food places, a few sit down restaurants with bars, book stores, gift shops.

    Concourse D is kind of like a shopping mall, and it's separate from A, B and C. You have to ride a free tram to get from D to the other gates.

    You can walk back and forth from A to B to C gates. A and B are small round areas with the fewest amenities. C is a long rectangle and has more retail shops than A and B. Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo is at the end of concourse C, where it leads to concourses A and B.

    There are slot machines and video poker all over the place too.

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    If you are 21, there are slot machines in the airport. I was stuck at that airport before I was 21, and just waited.. nothing great.

    Another time, same flight, going to San Diego, it turned into 5 hour wait due to storm somewhere, and I took a shuttle and then a taxi back. I went to MGM (5 minutes away) but wouldn't risk going. Since you subract your time to board, and Security, and ect ect you may cut it close.

    You can go to bar too in airport, if 21

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    There is not much that can be done other then the traditional gambling (if you are 21+), shopping, eating, watching planes, etc. If you go outside the security area there is a small aviation museum. However, if you come in on the new tarmack it can be a hike to get here. I'd just stick to what you have in your terminal because the time will be gone before you know it.

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    Traffic is a mess on the strip so it will take you an hour to get wherever you're going plus the McCarran Airport is usually busy and it can take a long time to go back through security. I would recommend looking out the window and going through the duty free shops.

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