Why are Indians only adapting the Negative side of Western Culture ?

Is it because its more appealing ?

or is it because youngsters have inferiority complex or Cultural delusions?

What is the Appeal of this "Celebrity" "pop culture hyping " ?

It was NEVER present in India 30 years ago movies were written by Poets and it was produced & staged with simple but honest Films like how Hollywood movies were in 60's

BUT Now all they do is copy paste stories/cliches from American movies

Why didn't the people who wrote the stories honestly and acted it honestly GET followed on Twitter ?

Why hype and gossip about people who're just mediocre actors and Right-wing morons?

WHY NOT ADAPT the good things about Western culture ?

like DISCIPLE,Manners,Open view of world (NOT living in your own bubble of Ignorance)

Why are we so desperately trying pretend something we aren't ?

or Doing your job honestly which NO Indians seems to Do except for poor people who are doing that to merely survive or take a breath in the toxic air that engulfs this HORRID Nation

Wtf is up with texing ?

Wtf is with 13 yr old's dating on facebook ?

Why are Youungsters in India so HOPELESS,Self-Indulgent and Ignorant ?

I WANT To kill anyone who passes this comment

"I'm a proud Indian"

STFU what's there to be "proud" of ?

I'm an Indian i can't find ONE thing to be proud of because the horrific truth outweighs everything

I don't believe in God..

But this time i pray that may Nature Bring disasters upon my Nation so that people may burst out of their tiny bubble of ignorance and blight


So far no one is "Answering" me instead they're just questing me instead... i guess 13 yr old do have a Yahoo account

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    You want to kill people? Hmmm....

  • 8 years ago

    Indian from India or Native American Indian?

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