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Yahoo Finance: Historical prices incomplete for some ASX stocks?

Yahoo Finance: Historical prices incomplete for some ASX stocks. This is a reoccurring problem, see:

Some of the ASX tickers affected include: AMC.AX, AMP.AX, ASX.AX, AWC.AX, BLD.AX, BOQ.AX, CAB.AX, CBA.AX, etc.

If you could look into this issue it would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have confirmed those tickers are no longer updating historical prices and have reported this to the Yahoo! Finance engineers for further investigation.

    We do not currently have a timeline on a fix for this issue.

    Thank you for reporting it and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Source(s): Staff experience.
    • Johan6 years agoReport

      I have a similar problem with the ^OMX -ticker, but cannot find where to report it.

      How/where do I report data errors?

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