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本公司於2012年向貴公司訂購A1,Purchase Order為P/N 014、015,共計630台,於2012年7月交貨,保固期為12個月。

於現場download作業中發現mini USB socket與PC板有分離脫落現象,現將不良品拍照如附件,plz check it。




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    本公司於2012年向貴公司訂購A1,Purchase Order為P/N 014、015,共計630


    於現場download作業中發現mini USB socket與PC板有分離脫落現象,現將不

    良品拍照如附件,plz check it。


    Dear Xxxx,

    We purchased A1 from your good firm in 2012 under PO No. P/N 014

    and 015 totalling 630 units, of which you effected shipment in July 2012

    with a 12-month warranty.

    During our recent download operation we observed a defect that mini

    USB socket loosened off of the PC board, as shown in the attached

    photo. Please check it out.

    We would need to return these defective units to you for repairs, and

    would appreciate your help to provide the recipient address, phone

    number and name of contact person to facilitate our action.

    Best regards,

    Xxxx Xxxx

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    怪怪, 作賊的竟然還喊捉賊?

    Source(s): 羅莉 - 商業書信資深經驗
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    The company in 2012 to your order A1,Purchase Order is p/n 014, 015, a total of 630 in July 2012, delivery, warranty period of 12 months.Download job at the scene found in the mini USB socket and PC Board separation and dropping off, defective products are photographed in annex, plz check it.Intended to ship the defective products returned, urge receives to provide return address, contact person and telephone number in order to facilitate the job.

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    本公司於2012年向貴公司訂購A1, Purchase Order為P/N 014、015,共計630台,於2012年7月交貨,保固期為12個月。

    In 2012, my company purchased A1 from your company:

    PO P/N 014 and 015,

    total quantity: 630 sets,

    shipment date: July 2012,

    warranty period: 12 months

    於現場download作業中發現mini USB socket與PC板有分離脫落現象,

    We recently found, during the floor download operations, that on all 630 machines, the mini USB sockets are displaced from the seats on the main board.

    現將不良品拍照如附件,plz check it。

    Enclosed, please find the photos of this defect for your careful examination.


    We plan to file a claim for your repair service under the original warranty. Please give us the following information to expedite the process:

    return merchandise authorization number,

    shipping address,

    contact person and phone number.

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    投票部隊又起動了! 不要鄉愿,做個沒有原則的爛好人。

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