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I need facts about Clara Barton?

If you can give me facts or books about her that would be great. I have a report on her for history class. Please make sure everything is true. THANKS! :D

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    1. Founder of ar+ - Clara barton

    2. when was she born? Dec 25 1821

    3. where was she born? Oxford, MA

    4. where did she open her free public school? NJ

    5. When'd she die? Apr 12 1912

    6. Where'd she pass away? Glen Echo, Maryland

    7. What's her book called? The Story of My Childhood

    8. What was her favorite color? Red

    9. What was her first dog named? Button

    10. What was her cat named? Tommy

    11. Which sibling did she nurse when she was 11? David Barton

    12. What was her fathers name? Stephen Barton

    13. What was her mothers name? Sarah Barton

    14. Clara Barton is known as the... Angel of the Battlefield

    15. At what age did she pass away? Ninety 

    16. What was her cause of death? Tuberculosis 

    17. Where's her resting place? North Cemetary, Oxford, Massachusetts. 

    18. What war did she first work in as a nurse? Civil war. 

    19. Clara went to Washington, D.C. in 1854 and became a... clerk. 

    20. What did Clara Barton serve as in the civil war? Nurse

    21. Clara Barton founded the Red Cross in the year of... 1881

    22. What was her real first name? Clarissa


    Source(s): my hours of searching, sorry their in questions, I had to do a crossword so I needed one worded answers.
    • Jasmyne4 years agoReport

      I am doing a project in school called THE WAX MUSEOM and this helped me a lot. thank you a lot.
      :) ;)

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  • 4 years ago

    This helped me a lot on my project about her. OMG Thank You.

    ;) :)

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