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Should I go to The CheeseCake Factory or P.F. Changs for Valentines Day?

Give me your opinion :P

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    P.F. Changs for Sure !!!! If you like Sea Bass they make this incredible SeaBass

    CheeseCake Factory for dessert and get the red velvet cheese cake. CheeseCake Factory is good but only for their CheeseCake..... the food Sucks heavy and it tastes like it came out of a microwave.

    A non Chain is a good idea thats what I like to do. But my wife now has a Gluten allergy and PF Changs has Gluten Free Menu and she never gets sick there and food is great and inexpensive.

    The atmospher is nice also.

    If you have not been to Changs you should go. We eat there 2x month at least.

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    Also I agree with going to a local restaurant. I don't know anything about PF Chang's. Cheesecake Factory doesn't take reservations and on Valentine's Day it's probably going to be really busy. Their food is heavy and portions are large. Keep that in mind if you feel like taking leftovers around with you is a good idea.

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    Cheesecake Factory all the way!!!! You don't have to spend a fortune either some of their cheaper items are SUPER good! Like the grilled chicken sandwich w/ avocados is really good!

    Also the Cheesecake Factory sets the romantic- type mood for Valentine's Day!

    Source(s): I've eaten at the restaurant :)
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    If you're stuck on one of those options, then I would go for cheesecake....but if you want to do something real special you should find a cute family owned business and make it your special place.....or maybe set up something personalized like a cute picnic on a roof somewhere with lights (sorry I'm dramatic and over the top)....either way enjoy your day though!!

    Source(s): my hopeless romantic side
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    i might %. the Olive backyard or PF Changs in basic terms by way of fact i've got by no ability been to Rainforest Cafe or Cheesecake production unit. i'm from New Orleans and chain eating places are actually not a great element down right here. we've too many good regionally owned and operated eating places for chains to make a great splash. you have my sympathy.

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    The queues are ridiculous, and neither place is romantic. I would pick a small local place and make a reservation. If you cannot afford fancy, consider taking a table cloth and silverware to McDonald's, and sit in the area where the seniors go, away from the kids. I know someone who did that, and his girlfriend thought it was great.

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    If your town is big enough to have chain restaurants, then it must also have real restaurants. Go to Yelp, type in the name of your town, and read the reviews of the local restaurants. I bet you will find something a lot better than CF or PF. ;)

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    You should go to a non chain restaurant because they're better 99% of the time.

  • 8 years ago

    Cheesecake factory! :)

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